It Wouldn’t Be Like It Was In 1776

​There are still ways to successfully fight for freedom, but most Americans are in desperate need of a reality check concerning the viability of the most popular ways of fighting for freedom​. Many like to cite the success of Americans in 1776, but it wouldn't be like it was in 1776.

​The British had to cross an ocean using primitive technology; whereas, the global establishment is already here.

The British couldn't just print money out of thin air; whereas, the establishment can.

Americans had muskets—the British had muskets, and Americans have assault rifles—the establishment has assault rifles ... but ... the establishment also has nukes, nerve gas, tanks, armored personnel carriers, lasers, artillery, bunker busters, cruise missiles, drones, satellite weapons, stealth bombers, night vision, grenades, land mines, etc.

The British had limited agents and propaganda in America; whereas, the establishment owns/controls all the major newspapers, TV, radio, media, entertainment, communications, education, healthcare, and most religious organizations. They also have the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. ... and a plethora of informants, controlled opposition, and agents provocateur.

The British rarely knew anyone's exact location; whereas, the establishment has the GPS coordinates to your house, car, and phone. They also have cameras and microphones everywhere.

​The British couldn't stop Americans in 1776 from trading; whereas, the establishment can cancel your credit/debit cards and freeze your bank accounts.

Americans in 1776 had wells and streams; whereas, Americans today get their water from the establishment.

Americans in 1776 lived without electricity; whereas, Americans today are dependent on electricity from the establishment.

​Americans in 1776 could get healthcare from anyone; whereas, Americans today are dependent on the establishment for healthcare.

​Americans in 1776 received help from family farms everywhere; whereas, regulations, lawsuits, and crony corporations have already killed family farms in America.

The British had no experience fighting an asymmetric war; whereas, the establishment has been practicing asymmetric warfare—hard—for 50 years.

American men have half the testosterone they had in 1776.

Americans in 1776 generally liked and trusted each other; whereas, Americans today dislike and distrust each other—as a result of lawsuits, environmental toxins, and 24/7 propaganda.

The British didn't know who the patriots were in 1776; whereas, the establishment knows your online history, email, phone calls, friends, family, and psychological profile. They know who the leaders are likely to be. They know who to take out first.

Did I mention the establishment has drones and the GPS coordinates to your house, car, and phone?

Now consider that Americans almost failed repeatedly during the American revolution—it was hardIn fact, rebellions are so hard that none in history ever succeeded without outside help, and in 1776, it was the French that made the difference.

​However, everyone around the world was sympathetic with American patriots in 1776; whereas, no one is sympathetic with American patriots today. The global establishment has manipulated the rest of the world (and half of Americans) into wanting to kill American patriots instead of helping them. Americans patriots are helping this psyop because, just as the global establishment had manipulated most of humanity into the being the worst version of themselves, as of 2016, they had also begun to successfully manipulate many American patriots into becoming the stereotype of themselves—a caricature of themselves. Everyone is being played—It wouldn't be like it was in 1776.

We are already so completely and utterly powerless, that they might even let us keep our guns in order to maintain the Illusion Of Legitimacy.

​Now you may be thinking:

​How can a man die better 
​Than facing fearful odds 
​For the future of our children
​And their freedom from our gods?

However, don't let them play you. They are trying desperately to provoke you into shooting at them so they can use it as a pretext to justify more of a police state.

The establishment welcomes war. They may even think it is necessary. They seem to think that war settles issues permanently, and this time, they might be right because those whose genes compelled them to question authority were killed or otherwise neutralized in most countries—like China and Russia, and of course, some fled to America, so if those genes are wiped out in America ...

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  • John Russell says:

    In 1776 the British troops didn’t have their families living with the colonists…

    • O Kee says:

      In 1776 the British already had a central bank that got ressurrected from the latter 1600s, difference being the intel was not imminent.

    • Jim says:

      Many of those families live on bases, and many of those bases are outside of America.

      If we see them moving families around, then that would be a sign of imminent atrocity against the people.

  • Alan says:

    In 1776, it was a fight between an armed population of farmers and average people VS. a foreign country… with the strongest/largest military in the world.
    Today, the U.S. military is that force…. BUT, that military is made up of American people. A large percentage of which would very likely side with the people. Bringing with them their variety of military weaponry.
    If only 15% of the American people stood up to fight, it would roughly be 60+ Million well-armed people ! Combine that with the portion of the military that sides with them and you have one Hell of a force to be reckoned with !
    It ultimately boils down to the people REFUSING to give up or stop fighting…the WILL to win.
    Regardless of how much force and technology you throw into a war… or how long you occupy that place, you cannot destroy an idea.
    That idea in America being individual Freedom with limited government.

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