The Apex Players have openly declared war on humanity.

Given their nepotism, terrorism, hate, toxic propaganda, toxic psyops, false flags, censorship, wars, corruption, cronyism, police states, secrecy, deception, theft, human trafficking, organ harvesting, and environmental toxins ….

Given how they are using the full force of the establishment to turn each of us into the worst version of ourselves …. to make us dislike, distrust and distance each other, so that we are looking at each other instead of looking at them, and so that we cannot unite against them ….

Given how they are breeding humanity and sometimes cull the herd ….

It would be fair to say that the Apex Players had already declared war on humanity, but that it was a war of attrition in which we were neutralized individually by their establishment and by its controlled opposition.

Given that slow burn, if one could not see that we were at war, then it might have become obvious in 2020 when the Apex Players began attacking humanity directly en masse with their Covid bioweapon; however, given that the establishment ridiculed the possibility that Covid came from a lab, let alone that it was a bioweapon, many still could not see that we were at war.

Given how the Apex Players used their bioweapon as a pretext for more direct attacks perpetrated en masse against humanity, such as fear, supply chain disruption, economic disruption, destruction of small business, unemployment, lockdowns, camps, scapegoating, and all the propaganda and limitations that ensured almost no one could get the lifesaving prophylactics and therapeutics they needed, more of humanity could see that we were at war.

Given how we were being slapped around until we let the Apex Players inject us with their fluids, which is literally gang rape, and that it was systemic, more could see that we were at war.

The Apex Players still had enough plausible deniability to deceive the majority of humanity though.

Then, the President of the United States declared on September 9, 2021 that every company with more than 100 employees must fire anyone who refused to be injected.

That was when the Apex Players openly declared war on humanity.

Letting them inject us with their fluids would not end their war on humanity.

It may be clear to a critical mass by now that the Apex Players will never end their war on humanity.

It will never end until we end it.

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