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Everyone is a Journalist. Everyone is a Scientist. Everyone is Militia.

Everyone is a journalist. Everyone is a scientist. Everyone is militia. One merely has to accept the principles.  Those who accept the principles are a threat to those with power. The more power one has, the more conflict of interest one has. Therefore, government cannot decide who accepts the principles. Government cannot decide who is a journalist, who is a […]

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Virtue Signaling Explained

In its purest form, virtue signaling:signals one’s tribal loyaltysignals one’s tribal pridesignals one’s conformity to tribal cultureasserts that those outside the tribe are bad/inferiorpretends to try to change the minds in other tribespretends to help one’s tribe but is actually safe, meaningless, ineffective, and devoid of courage​feels goodVirtue signaling is thus an act of pure […]

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