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Natural Hierarchy—Soul of Humanity—Light—Love

There are two hierarchies. The dominance hierarchy forcibly rewards those who are most tribal and conformist—the peak of animal evolution—the Soul of Animals—Darkness—Banality. The natural hierarchy voluntarily rewards those most exemplary of nobility, honesty, integrity, open mindedness, courage, curiosity, progress, and independent thought—the peak of human evolution—the Soul of Humanity—Light—Love. The eternal war of the […]

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91.3% Of Highest Flood Crests Were Before 1965

With a solemn certainty, a coworker just repeated the mainstream mantra that man-made CO2 has made climate more extreme in the last 10-20 years—hence the extreme flood levels in American rivers. This reminded me of a very similar assertion by a friend from the Ohio River valley​. ​To be a scientific theory, it must be falsifiable, […]

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Cops Escalate—EMT Killed

​Too many people draw the wrong conclusions when they see this body cam footage. A black man on a bus had taken drugs and was unresponsive. EMTs arrived and revived him. Cops also arrived and escalated until the man pulled out a little 380-auto and fired two shots. An EMT was struck by one of the […]

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Everyone is a Journalist. Everyone is a Scientist. Everyone is Militia.

Everyone is a journalist. Everyone is a scientist. Everyone is militia. One merely has to accept the principles.  Those who accept the principles are a threat to those with power. The more power one has, the more conflict of interest one has. Therefore, government cannot decide who accepts the principles. Government cannot decide who is a journalist, who is a […]

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Virtue Signaling Explained

In its purest form, virtue signaling:signals one’s tribal loyaltysignals one’s tribal pridesignals one’s conformity to tribal cultureasserts that those outside the tribe are bad/inferiorpretends to try to change the minds in other tribespretends to help one’s tribe but is actually safe, meaningless, ineffective, and devoid of courage​feels goodVirtue signaling is thus an act of pure […]

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