Billionaires are not the Apex Players.

It has become fashionable among midwits to claim that billionaires are the Apex Players, but this theory is easily falsified by the example of billionaire, John Schnatter.

John Schnatter, who was the the Founder of Papa Johns and it’s CEO and Chairman of the Board, explained in a conference call in 2017 that disrespect by NFL players towards the National Anthem was reducing viewership, and was thus one reason Papa John’s pizza delivery sales were down.

He was attacked by a media firestorm accusing him of racism for his observation, so he had to lie low.

Then in 2018, a marketing firm was trying to help him find a way to improve his image. During one such meeting he expressed confusion at how so many could have been so upset with his innocuous observation given that no one was ever very upset about Colonel Sanders referring to black people as n——.

For this new observation, he lost his job as CEO and Chairman of the Board.

Billionaires have a lot of self control, so don’t expect them to hand you a smoking gun very often, but they clearly walk on egg shells. They live in terror.

Of course, weak people with weak ideas would have no power (woke, Marxists, etc.) unless they received it from above, so someone above billionaires is empowering ideas and factions that are naturally weak.

If you want total global control, it is paramount that you strengthen that which is naturally weak, and weaken that which is naturally strong.

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