Billionaires and government officials have become obsessed with you.

Billionaires and government officials have become obsessed. They have used all of their power to slap you around until you let them inject you with their fluids.

They knew that if you were intelligent and well informed, that you would never trust them because of their past behavior and their conflicts of interest. In this case, they knew that you would also not trust them because it was too likely that their experimental mRNA injections might do you more harm than good.

They knew that the measure of your intelligence, knowledge, independence, innovation, productivity, and courage …. would be the measure of your resistance.

What must they think of you if you have failed to resist?

How much less must they think of you if you have not tried to resist?

How much less if you eagerly sought all of their experimental injections?

What if you were reluctant but could be bribed with trinkets? I hope you haven’t forgotten. These manipulators promoted the reward of a fast food burger and fries as if it were irresistible to you. For perspective, imagine their predecessors trying to bribe the Tuskegee Airmen with grape soda, watermelon, and ribs.

Now that you have some idea of what they think of you, consider that overpopulation is another of their obsessions, and that they seem to prefer a population reduction of about 90%.

Who do you think they want to be in that 90%?

Who do you think should be in that 90%?

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