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Visceral Epiphanies from 2020

I had a visceral epiphany watching the following videos back to back. I will explain the epiphany afterwards so that I do not prejudice your experience. First, watch the 7-minute clip of nurse Erin Olszewski testifying about the tragedies, atrocities, and corruption she witnessed first hand. This was mostly in March of 2020. She was […]

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The Unvaccinated get a lower standard of care

There have been many stories in which the unvaccinated get a lower standard of care. There was the bill in the UK to withhold government healthcare from the unvaccinated, and there were the stories of Ivermectin being withheld from states with lower vaccination rates and diverted to states with higher vaccination rates. If anyone has […]

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Heroism Quotes

Never doubt the power of one person to change the world, indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. A coward dies a thousand deaths—a hero dies but once. —Shakespeare How can one die better, than facing fearful odds, for the future of our children, and their freedom from our gods. Sacrifice by the valiant is greatness—sacrifice […]

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