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I recently engaged three individuals for whom their sense of self was dependent on some fragile beliefs, and they went against their principles when presented with a good faith challenge to those beliefs—a good faith challenge they had invited. Although I have experienced this phenomenon thousands of times, none of the usual words seemed appropriate […]

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2 Proof Jews do not control America

Many claim that Jews control America, but nothing could be further from the truth. Was it Jews who landed at Plymouth Rock? Was it Jews who wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights? Was it Jews who won the American Revolution? Was it Jews who won the West? Was it […]

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Never just one …

Never just one rat. Never just one sheep. Never just one victim. Never just one camera. Never just one microphone. Never just one witness. Never just one lie. Never just one psyop. Never just one spook. Never just one gang member. Never just one communist. Never just one fascist. Never just one pedophile. Never just […]

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Bibi announces Israel’s first official motto, “Not today Jesus.”

Bibi announces Israel’s first official motto, “Not today Jesus.” He went on to explain how it not only captures the essence of Israeli thought, but it simultaneously offers guidance to Israelis whenever they are confronted with any personal decision. He added for clarity, “Israelis should make personal decisions by asking themselves, “What would Jesus do?” […]

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