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What are real people? Real People are the opposite of NPCs. Real People are those dedicated to:realityself-examination (“The unexamined life is not worth living.” –Socrates)transcending the artificiality, manipulation, deceit, and propaganda thrust upon usreaching their full (real) potentialbeing the best version of themselvesbeing the person they really want to be How do we know if […]

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Founding Declaration

Humanity has greatness in our genes,But as of the founding of The League,Humanity has lost its way.We have forgotten the person we really want to be.We all suffer from arrested development.We are not reaching our full potentialBecause humanity lives under unusual and artificial duressBecause humanity is being played, poisoned, and purged.Popular culture as well as […]

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The League Of Real People was founded on    TBD    as a perpetual solution to the artificial and atrophied state of humanity.The primary activity of The League is individuals helping each other to reach their full potential—to be the best version of themselves—to be the person they really want to be—to get on the […]

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