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Why I never believed in Qanon

I thought from the beginning that Qanon (a.k.a. Q) was a psyop to accomplish several goals—the main goal being to give Trump street cred—to support the Myth of Trump. How else could a NYC Democrat get enough street cred to be a pied piper for conservatives, libertarians, conspiracy investigators, and assorted anti-establishment types—to take them […]

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There was a girl

It is fuzzy now, but there was a girl when you were much younger—a child. She liked you, but you were sometimes cold. You tested her with insults, and then, it happened. She stopped coming around, but you didn’t really notice. Now you are better, and you wish you could remember exactly who she was […]

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5 The Pledge

I pledge to myself:I will consider anyone who I believe is trying to be the best version of themseves to be an ally.I will never use a monopoly (e.g. government), individuals backed by a monopoly, or individuals acting under duress by a monopoly, against anyone trying to be the best version of themselves.I will treat […]

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