It was never about safety

If it were about health and safety, the Canadian government wouldn’t have been doxxing protesters and finding their homes in order to close their bank accounts, take their kids, and kill their pets. When these workers (truckers) united and fought back, the so-called left would have been championing them instead of shitting all over them or ignoring them. When these truckers and their allies took control of that movement and made it all about freedom, joy, and love, the entire Western establishment would not have tried so hard to blackwash them as hateful Nazis.

If it were about health and safety, the Canadian government wouldn’t be trampling old ladies with horses.

If it were about health and safety, then as the entire Western establishment was beginning to lose control of the narrative because of the Love Convoy, they would not have suddenly swapped the Ukraine narrative for the Covid narrative.

If it were about health and safety, and Covid is the biohazard they claim it is, then the healthcare workers at this Massachusetts hospital wouldn’t be throwing their masks in this open public trash bin at the end of their shift. They also wouldn’t have let them accumulate in this bin for two full shifts, and they wouldn’t have been doing that every day since March 2020 (it is now March 2022). I got this photo and its backstory directly from an insider who has worked there the whole time and saw it everyday but did not realize its significance until now.

Countless establishment actions reveal that it was never about health and safety. Let’s look at a few more.

Biden allowed millions of unvaccinated illegal aliens to cross the border, but he won’t allow Americans to drive trucks unless they are vaccinated.

Boris Johnson held a series of parties at Downing Street that violated Covid restrictions that applied to everyone in the country.

Doctors who believe a particular patient’s health is at greater risk from the vaccine than from Covid will not provide a medical exemption for fear of losing their medical license.

As of February 21, 2022, the establishment continues to blackwash Ivermectin, and yet, the establishment media recommended a “new” drug that is actually 100% Ivermectin for Queen Elizabeth (at 19 seconds), but of course, they still won’t let you have Ivermectin.

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern cannot stop smiling while talking about increases in suicide and mental illness. She says that she wants to turn the unvaccinated into second class citizens.

Boston Patient Denied Heart Transplant Over Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine

Biden certainly doesn’t care about the health of the American people, or he would stop the pipeline of Fentanyl from crossing America’s open southern border.

In 2018, the year before Covid-19 appeared, the penalty in California for knowing exposing someone to HIV was reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor.

Given that the EUA vaccines were created for the Alpha variant, and that Delta was a variant less recognized by the vaccines, and that Omicron was even less recognized by the vaccines, and that they claim to know the genetic sequence of the variants, then they could have easily made an Alpha/Delta vaccine and then an Alpha/Delta/Omicron vaccine in 2021, but they just kept giving everyone the exact same vaccine, which was also what they gave as boosters.

Hospitals are rewarded if they give you Remdesivir, which is an ineffective and expensive drug that is toxic and can cause organ damage. Hospitals are rewarded if you die after testing positive for Covid. They are also rewarded if they put you on a ventilator, which will probably kill you. Hospitals do not allow patients to opt out.

If it were about health, the Australian government wouldn’t be putting people in camps solely because they were in proximity of someone who tested positive.

Without warning, a doctor would not honor a longstanding appointment for a pregnant woman because she had not gotten a Covid vaccine.

If it were about safety, then military personnel, whose official job is to keep us safe, and whose fitness and youth places them at no risk from Covid, would not have been so aggressively coerced into complying with a vaccine mandate at the enormous cost of decreased readiness, decreased morale, and reduced health from vaccine injury.

There was never any good reason to require masks outdoors.

There was never any good reason to make kids wear masks.

Lockdowns caused people to get less time outdoors, less exercise, and less sun.

If the establishment cared about health and safety, they wouldn’t have:

They wouldn’t have lied so much.

They would have produced better data.

They would have been more transparent.

They would have followed their own rules.

They would have provided a traditional vaccine option.

They would have promoted the dozens of cheap, safe, and effective prophylactics and therapeutics, of which most were known form the beginning, but instead, they suppressed knowledge of them, and in some cases blackwashed them and/or suppressed access to them.

This DOJ official put on a mask before walking out on stage to create the illusion that he had been wearing it longer.

Fauci lied about taking the vaccine.

The married architect of lockdowns in the UK, Neil Ferguson, invited his married lover over to his house right after instituting lockdowns on everyone.

The mayor of Austin Texas told the people of Austin to stay home for safety instead of traveling for vacation, but at the same time, he took his family to Cabo for a vacation.

Omicron proved that they were really all about the policy and not about health because with the more mild Omicron variant they did not change their policies at all until the public began to realize that policy was not based on data.

The laws are now so ridiculous in Western Australia that you can even go into the liquor store with no problem, and walk around with all the vaccinated people, but they just won’t serve you if you’re unvaccinated.

Democrats were the party that pushed Covid restrictions the hardest, but Democrats Stacey Abrams, Elissa Slotkin, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Carolyn Maloney show us it was never about safety.

Liquor stores were among the few businesses considered essential during the lockdowns, and thus were allowed to remain open.

In Australia, they told the people that if 80% got vaccinated, then government would allow them to go back to normal, but after 90% were vaccinated, Victoria was requiring the unvaccinated to stay within 30km of their house and they could only leave their house for five reasons. As of February 2022, which is when the dominant variant was the relatively mild Omicron variant, the unvaccinated were reduced to only 3 reasons they were allowed to leave their house.

Bill Gates said, Sadly, the virus itself—particularly the variant Omicron—is a type of vaccine. That is, it creates both B cell and T cell immunity. The quote is a tease. There is actually much nuance to what he said, so we can’t just take his quote at face value, but he definitely incriminated himself, as explained in the link provided.

My employer, a multi-billion dollar corporation, finally admitted that the vaccinated could also get and spread Covid, but said that they would continue to require masks only for the unvaccinated.

If it was not about safety, then what was it about?

Consider the ways Covid has helped the Apex Players.

[Update 11/03/22] Dr. John Campbell reports that excess deaths are known to be increasing in multiple countries, that they are not related to Covid, and that they are greater than when lockdowns began, and yet, there is no public discourse about it. Therefore, if the lower rate merited lockdowns, then if it were about safety, the higher rate would at least merit discussion.

[Update 5/24/23] Testimony before Congress explains the UK data, which is similar in other countries, when applied to America, reveals that the EUA vaccines must be causing about 600,000 excess deaths each year in America. If the entire establishment was apoplectic about Covid deaths, then if they really cared about health and safety, they wouldn’t continue to ignore these non-Covid excess deaths.

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