What you would have done in Nazi Germany.

If you have ever wondered what you would have done if you had lived in Germany during the rise of Nazism …. or likewise …. what you would do if your country started going down the path of Nazism …. now you know.

You’re doing it right now. You’ve been doing it for a while now.

Governments have long been somewhat fascist, but since early 2020, there has been an extraordinary new push.

Nazi Germany is not just the most popular metaphor for fascism and totalitarianism. At present, there are alarming new parallels to well known elements of the rise of Nazi Germany, and it is really in-your-face, so everyone sees it whether they will admit it or not. For example:

  • Massive propaganda campaigns.
  • Massive election rigging.
  • Informants.
  • Curfews.
  • Travel restrictions.
  • Forcing medical experiments on individuals.
  • Scapegoating a group of one’s own citizens.
  • Making them wear something to signify their unworthiness.
  • Taking away their jobs and businesses.
  • Putting them in camps.
  • Censoring them hard.
  • These proto-Nazis even perpetrated their equivalent of the Reichstag fire in the form of the Jan. 6 false-flag.

This is pretty similar to things that communist countries have done too, but it parallels the stereotype of Nazi Germany better, and it is far more effective in this case to shame these perps as Nazis rather than communists because they imagine themselves to be on the left and they like to think they are fighting Nazis.

Whatever happens, I think this is humanity’s last chance. A window has been opening since the spectacle of the masked servants and the unmasked VIPs began to pierce the illusion of legitimacy, and we need to keep it open, or else it is probably over.

The Apex Players have always been at war with humanity, but the announcement of the vaccine mandate by the US President on September 9th 2021 was the first time they have openly declared war on humanity.

It should now be clear. It will never end until we end it.

In the end, it’s the things you didn’t do you’ll regret most.

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  • guest says:

    and yet, you can’t deny a pandemic is going on

    “99% survival rate” doesn’t speak to the fact that 1% of the US population is 3.3 million people. We’re heading toward a million deaths from Covid now.

    If you’re not even trying to keep yourself or your neighbors/friends/family safe, you’re likely a sociopath.

    • Jim says:

      I give out free Ivermectin to my friends, family, and neighbors; whereas, you are defending those on the path of Nazism, fascism, communism, totalitarianism …. who try to stop friends, families and neighbors from helping each other.

      I do research that can help others rather than swallowing the establishment narrative.

      Using the CDC’s own numbers, one can see that Covid alarmism is absurd: https://leagueofrealpeople.com/using-cdc-numbers-covid-alarmism-absurd-exaggerated/

      Come with me if you want to live: https://leagueofrealpeople.com/ivermectin-meta-study-supression-conspiracy-come-with-me-if-you-want-to-live/

      It is time for you to leave the party. All be forgiven.

      You have lost your way …. because everyone is being played.

      The Apex Players are turning us into the worst version of ourselves. They are trying to make us dislike, distrust, and distance each other …. so that we are looking at each other instead of looking at them, and so that we cannot unite against them.

      I know this is temporary. It is not who you really are or who you really want to be.

      It is always within your power to instantly find your way again.

      The light in me is allied with the light in you. The light in one is allied with the light in all.

      You live in a universe full of beauty and wonder. How can you feel anything but gratitude for having had the opportunity to leave it better than if you had never existed?

      • Mark says:

        It is great what you are saying and trying to do. But it has already been prophesied in the Bible what will happen. I hope you will or already believe this. They will succeed in destroying the economy and depopulate the world. They will usher in a world leader who is the Antichrist with false promise of peace and security, supported by a false prophet or reworld religious leader. He will be revealed when he will confirm a peace treaty in Israel and the middle east for 7 years and in the middle of it, he will break it himself and claim to be god and to be worshipped. He will cause war and pestillences. And given power by Satan for a time of 7 years to rule this world. A quarter of the world will die. Something described like an asteroid will hit the earth, cause trees to burn, seas to be bitter, death will be everywhere. When he gathers the world to go to war with Israel, the Jews will recognise Lord Jesus is the true Messiah, and then He will return on a cloud to destroy His enemies and establish His Kingdom on earth. A new heaven and earth will be created. This is just a part of all that is written in the Bible. There are signs and describes what it will be like before this happens. Which describes exactly the world we live in now. If you haven’t already done so, please repent now and put all your faith in Lord Jesus. He is our Lord and Saviour. Read and understand what is written in the Bible, the New Testament is more relevant now and should start there. Please listen to God’s Word and warnings. God bless you.

      • MK says:

        Beautifully said. I agree we need to be compassionate & forgiving with those who might have hurt us.

        Mark’s comment below is interesting. Not sure I’ve ever heard the whole thing spelled out like that before…

        It feels like neuralink & rfid chips are just around the corner. Not to mention 5G, vpassports, meta verse, etc. Oh, and mRNA jabs every few months.


    I tend to agree that things were ugly in Germany at first, when Hitler had to take his mandate from the German people (whom he was defending from a communist plague people keep forgetting about), and had to fight with it in close quarters and from numerous directions. But it was uglier before that, and every single thing said by Solzhenitsyn easily applies to the spirit of the Nazi party’s objectives, which was to defend the German people from the scourge of Marxist subversion.

    Having listened to quite a few translated speeches from that group of German leaders (which people merely reflexively despise out of conformity), I found they were on the right side of the conflict. Whereas the disgusting intent of the Marxists, Jewish Collective Organizations, British Crown and lackey government, and American thug idiocy ganging up on Germany while provoking them by mass murder of Germans in Danzig region for one example, does not bode well for the vilification of Nazism (German national socialism is all that means).

    Nothing I have found in the German people or leadership of that time has given me any reason to believe that they held an arbitrary and inhumane view of Jews, but rather indicates that they were fighting a desperate war of self-defense and unfortunately, due to the failures of other nations to do the same, were not able to survive for long in their dignity. But for a time, they were free.

    Does this mean I would be comfortable, even if I were a German, living in Germany in 1938? Does it mean that there was no evil, no corruption, no foul play, no misfortune to found there? No, but I haven’t seen it better anywhere else, to include here and now anywhere in the world. Does it make any sense to ignore empirical probabilities when looking at the ethnic makeup of groups or organizations? Of course not. So one might reasonably ask why Jews make up probably less than 3% of our population in America, but are found in around 50% of the politically appointed officers at the top of the military.

    One must also consider the other areas of the “Playing Field” (vis-a-vis the “Players”) and see whether or not the top marshals in those areas (such as cultural/entertainment, finance, and other areas relevant to the malaise of corruption) are in similar condition. Then and only then can one properly assess the desperation of the condition in which we find America. One must look at the pattern of influence racketeering which is already plainly on the surface. Note that you can criticize the already destroyed Nazis all that you like, you can even spit on White folks if you want and many will laud you. But you are NOT allowed to debate the worth or status or effects of Jews.

    If I were in Germany, in 1938, I have no idea what I’d be doing there, in a different body. I think I would not like the oversocialized and overstructured public life, nor the tendency of the worst in people to make the worst of things. But I probably wouldn’t see Hitler as actually worse than Menachim Begin, especially if I were a German. Germany has the inherent right, as nation of people related by blood and soil, history and culture, to kick out anyone from within their borders whom they think to be in bad faith.

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