Failed cover up: Ivermectin recommended for Queen Elizabeth

These individual Covid hypocrisies, lies, cover ups, and conflicts of interest are just a handful among millions of others, but they just happen to be easier to debunk than most and more damaging to the establishment narrative than most.

On February 21, 2022 the TV news magazine “A Current Affair” reported that Queen Elizabeth had Covid-19. It included recommendations for her from a Dr. Mukesh Haikerwal. He recommended the Queen “might benefit from new medicines.” He promoted “infusions” and “tablets”. The “infusions” corresponded to an image of Sotrovimab, and the “tablets” corresponded to an image of Stromectol. The original broadcast was captured by a citizen journalist on his TV.

As you can see on the box of recommended Stromectol tablets. Each 3mg tablet contains 3mg of Ivermectin. Stromectol is thus just another name for Ivermectin.

Anyone who knows the suppressed truth about Ivermectin, knows that Queen Elizabeth probably was taking it because Ivermectin is a wonder drug that also works against sars-cov-2, and knows that it is not just effective, but that it is cheap, safe, and effective. However, anyone who knows that much also knows that there has been a massive campaign by the global establishment to blackwash Ivermectin. Both well informed individuals and everyone else will have observed that the establishment media push the narrative that Ivermectin is “unsafe” and is nothing more than “horse paste” or “horse dewormer”.

Although the establishment media initially failed to notice the small print on the box that revealed the truth that Stromectol was just another name for Ivermectin, it is easy to imagine how shocking it was to those alert enough to notice that the “tablets” Dr. Haikerwal and “A Current Affair” were recommending for Queen Elizabeth were the same therapeutic that had been blackwashed with such extreme prejudice by the entire global establishment.

In an effort to cover up the accidental admission that Ivermectin was recommended for Queen Elizabeth, a number of missteps occurred:

1) The original piece was edited to cut out the image of the tablets, but it mistakenly left in the audio in which Dr. Haikerwal recommended “tablets”. You can see the edit for yourself if the YT video is still available, or you can see it on this archived clip. There were no other “tablets” in the video.

2) The failure to remove the word “tablets” from the audio exposed two more lies. The first such lie was where the establishment media claimed the image of Ivermectin tablets was just an unrelated “stock image” that was inserted by “mistake” as a “human error.”

3) The second lie exposed by the failure to remove the word “tablets” from the audio exposed that the following cover up by Dr. Haikerwal himself was a lie. He said, “Ivermectin never even came into the conversation. I said there are medications available for people who are vulnerable … I didn’t even name them, but it was obviously Sotrovimab. It certainly wouldn’t be Ivermectin. I wouldn’t recommend it.” Clearly it is not true that he was only talking about Sotrovimab—a liquid—when he said “tablets”. Clearly, he was talking about Sotrovimab only when he said “infusions”.

4) The edited video also forgot to cut out the claim by Dr. Haikerwal that the Queen “might benefit from new medicines.” Although it would be safe to assume the Queen was therefore taking those medicines, the video never explicitly made such a claim, and yet the remainder of the attempted cover up dismissed the significance of the video by claiming that the Queen was not actually taking Ivermectin. Of course, even if you believe she wasn’t taking it, the video was about what was recommended for her—not what she was already taking.

We could summarize Queen Elizabeth’s position as Ivermectin for me but not for thee. Of course, Joe Rogan was prescribed Ivermectin too, but he is also rich and famous. Are you seeing the pattern yet?

I myself got a prescription for Ivermectin from the only doctors in America who would give me one, which was America’s Frontline Doctors. However the only pharmacy in America that would fill the prescription wanted $192 for thirty 3mg tablets, so I ordered 1000 12mg tablets from India for $42 (plus $48 shipping). While mine was in transit, such life-saving packages were being confiscated if they passed through Chicago, but mine went through New York, and I eventually received it. I assume that lifeline has now been cut by the US government, which is yet another of their crimes against humanity.

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