Founding Declaration

Humanity has greatness in our genes,
But as of the founding of The League,
Humanity has lost its way.
We have forgotten the person we really want to be.
We all suffer from arrested development.
We are not reaching our full potential
Because humanity lives under unusual and artificial duress
Because humanity is being played, poisoned, and purged.

Popular culture as well as the law are designed to drive wedges between individuals.
Everyone is a target—everyone is being played.
The primary targets are those who pose the greatest threat to the players.
The primary targets are men.

There is an eternal war between the Makers and the Takers.
The Makers were ascendant until the 20th century, but now, the Takers are dominant again.

There is an ancient war between the Soul of Humanity (nobility, honesty, integrity, open mindedness, courage, curiosity, progress, independent thought) and the Soul Of Animals (conformity, dominance hierarchy, and tribalism).
The Soul Of Humanity was ascendant until the 20th century, but now, the Soul of Animals is ascendant and has nearly extinguished the Soul of Humanity.

Each of us is a Maker and a Taker.
Each of us carries the Soul of Humanity as well as the Soul of Animals.
The primary battle is inside each of us.

Everyone is redeemable—even the Players.

The light in one is allied with the light in all, and the darkness in one is allied with the darkness in all.

The Takers fight to get a bigger slice of the pie.
The Makers make the pie bigger.

The Players represent the Takers.
The League represents the Makers.

The Players represent the Soul of Animals.
The League represents the Soul of Humanity.

The Players represent the darkness in each of us.
The League represents the light in each of us.

The Players are in their end game—hence the founding of The League.

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