There was a girl

It is fuzzy now, but there was a girl when you were much younger—a child.

She liked you, but you were sometimes cold. You tested her with insults, and then, it happened.

She stopped coming around, but you didn’t really notice.

Now you are better, and you wish you could remember exactly who she was and find her, so that you could talk to her. You would make her feel better. You would apologize and show her how you’ve grown. You would treat her well and never send her away—not even if she were ugly—because you know that no one is ugly and that everyone is beautiful.

There were countless others—boys and girls. You wish you could atone for not being a better friend. You would help each other to become the best version of yourselves.

It would be OK if they were in a bad place, or had lost their way. You would understand.

There was another girl in your past … and she is in your present too … so why aren’t you doing that with her?


I had this epiphany about myself two years ago (probably in 2017), and I still have to remind myself of it, so I’m certain it can help others to stay on a healthy path as well.

To varying degrees, we are all the girl, as well as the bad friend.

It may help to take some time to reflect on how this post could apply to you before it will register at a more conscious level. If you don’t often reflect/meditate/etc., then I recommend starting right away.

The best version of everyone is beautiful. If one is in a bad place, that is temporary. That is not who they are, and that is not who they want to be.

We are all being played, poisoned, and purged; and we must help each other to become the best version of ourselves.

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