The Guest Book falsifies the dominant systemic racism narrative.

Season 1 episode 8 of Guestbook is a candidate for "Most shockingly racist show in the last 50 years." In 2020, it is the only kind of racism that can be produced for TV, which makes it systemic racism, and which implies that it is the dominant form of systemic racism.

The plot itself is not inherently bad: An old man with dementia recovers some of his memories when a researcher immerses him in a 1950's environment, such as a cabin much like the one he lived in, and she pretends to be his wife, and her assistant pretends to be the handyman.

When she discovers that he was a racist, she says: Scientifically speaking, the fact that he remembered he was a racist asshole was a major victory ... and let's be honest ... White men over 80 are like lotto tickets. Nine times out of ten, you're not going to like what you see after you scratch the surface."

As bad as that is, that was after the original narration had been redubbed in order to make it less incriminating and less quotable. What I heard the narrator say originally was, "Nine times out of ten, scratch an old white manfind a racist." It was at that instant that I knew I would write about it someday.

Then they made the outrageous claim that the old man burned down a black church in the 1950's (with a black man in it).

This is a common fabrication. I'm guessing they didn't know Bill Clinton had ​lied about ​remembering black churches being burned in Arkansas when he was a child, but then researchers uncovered that no black churches had been burned in Arkansas when he was a child. ​I'm guessing they also didn't know this would have made the old man a Democrat at that time.

Then these medical researchers who were caring for this old man murdered him.

Then the researcher explains to a board of doctors and lawyers that although her patient died, they should give her more money for research because the world was a better place without this racist old man. They nodded in agreement and suggested that she should use a black person next time​.

Note to future researchers (because the winners write the history books): In the year this show was made (2017), and for 50 years before that, if they had done this to an old black man, it would have been an international incident. If it had been done in the year of this article (2020), there would have been international riots, but because it was done to an old white man, it was consistent with the dominant narrative of the last 50 years, which considers it a non-issue.

​The dominant narrative states that racism—especially systemic racism—against white people is impossible. The CEO of one of the large companies I work with openly stated to all employees that his company is solidly behind the Marxist organization known as Black Lives Matter.

​The dominant systemic racism narrative of 2020 gets it completely backwards.

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