Independent Experiment to Detect Aether

Even before I knew that establishment sources lie to us about climate, covid, terrorism, race, gender, history, psychology, economics, events, foreign countries …. and especially about each other …. I was already on the lookout for evidence of the extraordinary, and like most, my personal bias is that I want there to be evidence of the extraordinary, but as much as I always recommend that one be super open-minded, I also recommend that one be super skeptical and not believe without due diligence.

In my previous article on evidence of the extraordinary, I performed due diligence for The Global Consciousness Project.

In this article, we will do our due diligence for this independent experimenter who seems like he may have proved the existence of Aether.

First, let me say how much I love it when an individual tries to independently reproduce or falsify theories. We need a lot more of such efforts.

However, as one can deduce from the video, when the apparatus rotates vertically, gravity is making the mirrors sag equally and in opposite directions (convex vs. concave) at the two points where the direction of the moving interference pattern stops before changing direction. The effect we see is thus only the effect of gravity on the mirrors, which explains why we did not see any effect when the apparatus was rotating horizontally.

Alas …. my hope for evidence of the extraordinary falls to due diligence again.

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