Cops escalate—kill Edward Bornstein while forcibly harvesting his blood

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”–Voltaire

Two months before a cop murdered George Floyd, cops perpetrated a greater atrocity against Edward Bornstein. They forcibly harvested some of his blood, and killed him in the process. The video only surfaced in 2022 after government failed to keep it secret.

Certainly those whose minds are controlled by the media will say the government has a right to do such things, but the majority can see that it is an atrocity.

There are countless videos of cops perpetrating atrocities even when they know they are on video, which means that cops feel they are above the law, and if cops are above the law, then cops are outside the law, and if cops are outside the law, then cops are outlaws.

There are countless videos of cops perpetrating similar atrocities throughout the Western world just to put a useless paper mask on people.

Until Putin/Ukraine replaced Covid in the minds of the faction controlled by the media, a large minority supported similar atrocities to forcibly vaccinate people. Just one such example is all those times people cheered on the Biden administration when they thought he was going to equip advocates and the national guard with syringes and send them to the houses of the unvaccinated. The administration supposedly wasn’t planning to forcibly inject those people, but many expressed hope for such an outcome before the administration suddenly stopped talking about all such ideas it had been floating that week. They also supported atrocities to silence dissent, but as the rest of us know, when have the book burners ever been the good guys?

Among those who are so easily led to support atrocities, such as cops forcibly harvesting a man’s blood, how many would support cops forcibly harvesting a woman’s egg?

How many would support cops forcibly harvesting a woman’s amniotic fluid to determine if her fetus has defective genes?

How many would support cops forcibly harvesting a woman’s fetus because it had defective genes and would thus be a burden on society?

How many would support these atrocities for the greater good?

Lest one think such points are hyperbole, consider that in the 1920’s, those Americans who called themselves “Progressives” forcibly sterilized tens of thousands whom they decreed to be genetically defective. If American Progressives sound like the inspiration for Nazism, that is because they were. That is why the term “progressive” fell out of use until it was resurrected in 2008 by Hillary Clinton, who declared herself to be a progressive modeled on Margaret Sanger, who was a progressive from the era of Eugenics, and who was just as racist as the rest of them.

To be fair, it is 2022, and there is now a significant minority calling themselves progressives, but whose minds are not controlled by the media, and who oppose all such atrocities.

To be fair, there is another minority whose minds are not controlled by the media, and who will argue in good faith that people voluntarily have all of the procedures above done to them, so forcing those procedures can’t be atrocities, but that is like arguing that women voluntarily have sex, so …

Hence the fact that government and its cronies slapping you around until you let them inject you with their fluids is literally gang rape.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” –Goethe

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