The League Of Real People was founded on    TBD    as a perpetual solution to the artificial and atrophied state of humanity.

The primary activity of The League is individuals helping each other to reach their full potential
—to be the best version of themselves
—to be the person they really want to be
—to get on the right path and stay on it.

The ideal product of The League is 100% of individuals reaching their full potential in every generation of every sentient species—hence The League shall be eternal.

Anyone trying to adhere to the pledge is a member of The League. One may opt out (or rejoin) at any time.

The pledge is intended to serve as a frequent source of practical guidance and motivation for the individual.

The pledge is primarily about ethics and thinking skills.

The only ethical policy is “everything voluntary”.

The final arbiter is objective reality.

The cost is eternal vigilance.

The Preamble, Mission Statement, Declaration, and Pledge are intended to be as clear as possible.

  • Jim
  • January 2, 2019
  • Meta

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