Presidential Medal Of Freedom Given To Genocidal …

Watch as Madeleine Albright justifies the murder of 500,000 children:

Interviewer: "We have heard that a half-million children have died ... I mean ... that's more children than died in Hiroshima ... and, you know ... is the price worth it?"
Madeleine Albright: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price—we think—the price was worth it."

A few years later, Obama gave Madeleine Albright the Presidential Medal Of Freedom.

Like the war in Afghanistan, the wars in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East were all bad for the American people, and were far worse for the people in those countries. The only country to benefit was Israel.

​Now consider that the Jewish American ambassador to the UN justified the murder of 500,000 (mostly Muslim) Iraqi children—as if they were animals.

The pain of reading about (and writing about) such a tragic and suppressed reality is necessary if more are to understand how the world really works.

Consider how this directly violates the Myth Of Obama, who ran on an anti-war platform and who received the Nobel peace prize. However, we cannot blame only Obama because tens of millions voted to re-elect him even though his Republican opponent then was the anti-war choice. (His rebuttal in the 2012 debates to Obama's pro-war stance​ was, "We can't kill our way out of this.")

Likewise, the next president (Trump) is not only continuing Obama's (and Bush's) war crimes, but he is the most openly pro-Israel President ever.

So ... we see they are all on the same side—the dark side.

More specifically, they have lost their way. The darkness in each of them is allied with the darkness in all of them—and to a lesser extent—with the darkness in tens of millions of voters. Of course, the light in them wants to ally with the light in all of us, and as more of ​us choose to walk in the light (e.g. take the pledge), the stronger the light in them will become, and their darkness will find ever fewer allies.

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