The Ratchet Effect

The “ratchet effect” refers to how the Apex Players take two steps forward and one step back, and thus their agenda moves forward in lurches—each building on the last.

Given that the Apex Players are at war with humanity, they must periodically take one step back to allow those most likely to revolt to feel like they are winning. In fact, they were able to manipulate Trump fans into literally blurting “Winning!” every chance they got.

The ratchet effect is not only necessary to prevent revolt, but it is necessary to preserve the illusion of legitimacy, without which, they are finished.

However, by September 2021, those who understood the ratchet effect, and who understood the reality of how the Apex Players were waging war against humanity, were surprised at how their agenda had been moving forward faster than ever before for about 18 months—as if they were going for all the marbles this time—as if they were done with the ratchet effect.

As of October 2021, it is looking like they may have overplayed their hand and are being forced to take one step back. This may be humanity’s last chance to avoid permanent subjugation.

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