Strangelove: How I learned to stop worrying and love the cabal.

Strangelove: How I learned to stop worrying and love the cabal.

Is it possible that those at the top are actually the good guys?

Consider that they would never have been able to gain and maintain global dominance and secrecy if they were primarily motivated by greed or other petty emotions. They must therefore be true believers in a cause.

Though it may be tempting to observe their front men and lieutenants and see that most of them appear to be motivated by greed, power, or other weakness of character; that does not prove that those at the top are the same. Their deeds may look evil to the unenlightened eye, but if we consider the longer term and the bigger picture, they are merely using these front men as a means to an end–a noble end.

If they allowed the world to be the best it could be, then innovation would solve every problem just like always, and we wouldn’t have to worry, and we wouldn’t have to work hard–we wouldn’t have to try. We would imagine ourselves to be brave individuals having character beyond reproach, but in reality, our courage and character would never have been put to the test. We would rarely have had to overcome adversity. We would be too busy making money and having fun. We would be as worthless as trust fund babies …. or the boss’s son.

Although their plans and manipulations reward psychopaths while hobbling those having the best character (e.g. independent thinkers who question authority), you will see that the end justifies the means because the future of humanity depends on their success. Therefore, they must do whatever is necessary to stop anyone from derailing their noble plans, which will thus at times seem tyrannical.

Likewise, they cannot allow anyone who might challenge their noble plans to have any real power, wealth, fame, or influence.

It is easy to mistake their manipulations as a means to identify those individuals who will speak out, and it is easy to mistake their manipulations as a plan to breed us into productive but obedient servants who could never unite against them, and I guess at some level that is technically what is happening, but that will never come to pass–there isn’t enough time.

What they are actually doing is creating an environment that will identify those individuals who have the intelligence, the independent mindedness, and the strength of character to see through all of their manipulations–to pierce the illusion legitimacy. They are hoping such individuals will self-identify by exercising the courage to publicly call them out, and that ultimately, such individuals will figure out their real motives and love them.

They are doing this because they know we have somewhere between 10 and 50 years before a cosmic catastrophe kills over 90% of humanity, but they can only save a few million, so they are desperately trying to find the best of humanity, and that is who they will save.

However, they have become so desperate, because so few have figured it out, that they are letting me tell you this, or else you wouldn’t be reading it.

Will you follow the white rabbit?

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