The Overton Window has closed. You will have to fight.

Before Covid, it was still possible that humanity could win solely by a critical mass finding their way again. They would get on the path to becoming the best version of themselves, and they would become unplayable. Humanity’s self-reinforcing downward spiral would become a self-reinforcing upward spiral.

Eventually, the plays would no longer work, and the Apex Players would become irrelevant. It would be the dawn of a golden age lasting 1000 years.

The necessary size of that critical mass, the proximity to their best self, and the speed of their transcendence, could be reduced by force multipliers, such as leadership, organization, sacrifice, hacking, psyops, black ops, and physical combat. However, such force multipliers were not necessary for humanity to win.

A critical mass becoming the best version of themselves is one of three solutions that were sufficient to manifest The Golden Age. The second solution was zero squads. The third solution was The Greatest Act of Love in 2000 Years.

Since the advent of Covid, the Overton Window has been closing for these three remaining solutions.

The Overton window is now closed. Force multipliers are no longer optional.

The Apex Players will force Real People (us) to engage in physical combat, but physical combat is not sufficient. It wouldn’t be like it was in 1776.

Why do you think the Apex Players have imported tens of millions of allies into Western countries?

Why do you think the Apex Players were so adamant that everyone take their toxic Covid remedies while punishing anyone who disagreed?

Why do you think every action by the Western establishment is demoralizing?

Why do you think we are led by: 1) Psychopaths and sociopaths who want to take custody of our kids on their whim, destroy them with chemical castration, and cut of their penises or breasts, and 2) Psychopaths and sociopaths who say that European Invaders have a right to invade Palestine, set up an Apartheid state, take anything they want from the indigenous people, commit genocide and ethnic cleansing, destroy anyone who opposes them—globally, and control all Western governments?

You should ask why I have any credibility to make such a prediction, to which I would reply: My history of analysis and prediction speaks for itself.

This is just part 1. It will be revised and expanded over the next few days and weeks.

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