Two Loves

Those who truly love—love everyone.
The love of everyone—Two Loves entwined.
Blessed are the Loves—For they are divine.

One love is pragmatic, and one love is principled.
One teaches you how to find help, and one teaches you how to find independence.
One equips you to fit in, and one equips you to question.
One hopes you find comfort, and one hopes you find the best version of yourself.
One is focused on your kids, and one is focused on all kids.
One cares about the present, and one cares about the future.

One love helps, and one love empowers.
One gives you a fish, and one teaches you to fish.
One would have you survive, and one would have you thrive.
One is better for infants, and one is better for adults.
One is appropriate in families, and one is appropriate in governments.

One love creates like nature, and one love creates like gods.

One maintains civilization, and one creates civilization.
One maintains society, and one creates society.
One maintains culture, and one creates culture.

One is feminine, and one is masculine.
One is maternal, and one is paternal.

Are we not all some combination?

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