Using CDC numbers, Covid alarmism is absurd.

I used CDC numbers (August 26, 2021) to calculate the impact of Covid on ages 30-39, and there were a total of 6,594 deaths out of 4,845,572 cases out of 54.8 million Americans in that age range.

When using the CDC numbers, it is important to acknowledge the higher than usual number of inaccuracies, lies, and conflicts of interest surrounding all things Covid, but let’s see what we find without trying to adjust for that.

We can calculate from this page that the CDC is using a total population of 332.1 million and that since it says in my first link that the 30-39 age range is 16.5% of the population, then that is 6,594 deaths out of 54.8 million.

To put it in perspective in a way that bypasses the complication introduced by the common knowledge that the CDC says 94% of Covid deaths have co-morbidities, we can simply compare with influenza deaths, which also have co-morbidities.

In the 2017-2018 flu season, the 30-39 age range had about 1458 deaths, which would make Covid about 3 times more deadly than a bad (but normal) flu season given that we talking about 1 Covid season plus part of another Covid season.

About every 30 years, there is a flu season as deadly in this age range as this first Covid season, and in the BeforeTimes, did you ever hear anyone talking about the flu the way they talk about Covid?

Unless sars-cov-2 were engineered to be different, then like most other viruses, Covid would probably evolve to be less deadly rather quickly, and those having the least natural immunity would have died in the first wave, thus achieving herd immunity. Covid would thus soon be about as deadly as the flu, and yet the establishment incited folks to be about 1000 times more concerned.

When you consider that there is a flu vaccine, and that pretty much everyone believed there would inevitably be a Covid vaccine, which they would thus assume would make Covid much less of a threat, and thus possibly less of a threat than the flu after just a couple of years, such overreaction makes even less sense.

When you also consider that influenza deaths for 2020-2021 are almost non-existent, and that Covid deaths are thus not in addition to flu deaths, then such over reaction makes less sense still.

When you also consider that several leaders put many infected people into nursing homes, then not only did that artificially inflate the numbers, but focusing on the numbers in that case, while largely ignoring the crime itself, makes less sense still.

Consider that America’s Founding Fathers knew all about the Bubonic Plague, which was almost always fatal, and which could kill over 30% of an urban population, and which appeared again and again about every generation for hundred of years, and yet there is no small print in the Bill of Rights that says we have rights except when there is a virus.

The overreaction to Covid is even more absurd when one considers that we now have superior solutions available compared to past pandemics, and that Covid deaths were thus completely unnecessary because people with high vitamin D or high vitamin C don’t get severe Covid; and because we also know about copper, zinc, quecetin, and NAC; and because Ivermectin and probably Hydroxychloroquine (both disrupt viral replication) are very effective prophylactics and therapeutics for Covid, and their anti-viral properties were already known by the world’s experts before Covid.

Now that we have proven Covid alarmism is absurd when we use the CDC numbers, consider that the entire global establishment has multiple conflicts of interest compelling them to inflate their numbers. Lest one wonder how much they might succumb to such conflicts of interest, consider that we have already proven their level of corruption itself to be absurd.

As we can see, the most important information is being suppressed—hard—for political, social, and financial benefit to the establishment elite. For the establishment elite, it was never about safety—It was always about personal gain.

If that sounds shocking, ask yourself this. “When have the book burners ever been the good guys?”

Then there is the level above the establishment elite, and for these Apex Players, it was never about safety—It was not even about personal gain—It was always about control.

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