Ways Covid helps the Apex Players

Let’s identify all the ways Covid helps the Apex Players increase their power, their wealth, and their control over everyone in the world. Let’s begin with the ways the authoritarian response to Covid helps them:

  1. Exposes all the ways we are figuring out to circumvent their control measures, thus enabling them to plug any holes in their future control grid.
  2. Rewards their cronies and front men in big pharma, big tech, big media, and big government.
  3. Trains their AI to recognize us when masked.
  4. Makes people lose faith in governance by humans and become more receptive to their plans for governance by AI.
  5. Tests their bioweapon: how it affects different demographics, how it spreads, how it mutates.
  6. Tests their mRNA technology so they can get the bugs worked out faster before they use it for themselves.
  7. Identifies who is most controllable and who is least controllable.
  8. Rewards those who are most controllable, and punishes those who are least controllable.
  9. Makes people too scared to think rationally.
  10. Creates the illusion that government can legitimately suspend rights when there is a virus.
  11. Makes people lose faith in national government and be more receptive to global government, but the real solution is not more centralization (more of the same)—it is decentralization. The solution is not global government—The solution is local government, of which, the ultimate form is individual governance, a.k.a. individual sovereignty, a.k.a. individual liberty.
  12. Sells people a scapegoat (based on lies), and directs attention away from the real perpetrators.
  13. Lockdowns, masks, and distancing make us more distant from each other.
  14. Lockdowns, masks, and distancing make it harder for children to fully develop mentally because they get less physical contact, less face-to-face interactions, and because they can’t see facial expressions. This makes them less of a threat to the Apex Payers in the future.
  15. Long term masking is permanently reducing the ability of those individuals to detect when people on TV are lying.
  16. Lockdowns cause people to get less vitamin D and less movement, which reduces health, increases fear, manufactures pandemic, empowers their front men, and enriches their cronies.
  17. Censorship prevents people from learning about: 1) the many ways they can be more healthy in general, 2) the ways they can protect themselves from Covid specifically, and 3) the fact that a majority oppose the authoritarian response to Covid.
  18. Punishing, bribing, and misinforming doctors prevents them from recommending or prescribing solutions that compete with the establishment narrative.
  19. Data on all things Covid has been censored, suppressed, and manipulated, which makes it harder for independent researchers to prove a counter-narrative, and which magnifies fear and confusion, thus making most people more divided, easier to control, and more desperate for leadership.
  20. Natural immunity teaches our immune system to recognize most (or all) of the proteins on the virus; whereas, the vaccines all recognize only the same spike protein, so if that one protein mutates, the 3 EUA vaccines become far less effective; whereas, natural immunity would still recognize the virus by its other proteins. This is one of the reasons that natural immunity lasts much longer than any immunity conferred by the vaccines. Suppressing knowledge of the superiority of natural immunity created the illusion that those who have had Covid still need a vaccine.
  21. As of December 2021, the FDA has not approved any of the vaccines being injected into Americans, which means that all of the vaccines are still being injected under an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization), which protects the manufacturers from liability. The FDA did approve a product called Cominirty, but Cominirty has never been injected into Americans, which could be because manufacturers were afraid of being liable for any damage it caused.
  22. The EUA vaccines (Moderna, Pfizer, and J&J) do not prevent the spread of Covid, do not prevent one from catching it, and lose their effectiveness within six months. This is why the vaccines are known as “leaky”. By recognizing only one protein while simultaneously being so leaky, the vaccines make it exponentially more likely that mutations (variants) in that spike protein will become much more widespread. The vaccinations cause the variants; therefore, blaming these variants on the unvaccinated magnifies scapegoating while protecting the perpetrators.
  23. Requiring boosters (more of the same) …. indefinitely …. increases the profits of big pharma and increases dependency on big pharma.
  24. Suppressing any evidence of harm caused by the vaccines increases the profits of big pharma and increases dependency on big pharma.
  25. A digital vaccine passport enables these Apex Players, or more specifically, their front men and useful idiots, to remotely control several aspects of our lives.
  26. A digital vaccine passport could easily be expanded to allow remote control of every aspect of our lives. Anderson Cooper gets it. Bill Gates gets it.
  27. Such a system of total control could be automated, and thus controlled by AI, which would not have a conscience, and which would thus allow the Apex Players to bypass the current limitation of finding or manufacturing enough psychopaths and sociopaths. It would also eliminate the very expensive cost of manufacturing so many true believers.
  28. Scapegoating people while taking their rights, their jobs, and their businesses, while feeding them lies and preventing access to, and knowledge of, life-saving prophylactics and therapeutics will tend to foment conflict, and all conflict can be used as pretext to justify more control, to justify regime change, and to justify any change that can be sold as a solution.
  29. Small businesses and family farms are the backbone of any resistance/revolution against tyranny, so after killing family farms over the last 50 years, the Apex Players have used Covid as a pretext to kill small businesses.
  30. The EUA vaccines appear to increase the probability of both adverse events as well as long term chronic illness, such as autoimmune conditions, so coercing people to get them would thus increase the profits of big pharma and increase dependency on big pharma.
  31. The EUA vaccines have caused mutations (variants) in the spike protein that enable new variants to circumvent the vaccines, which means that boosters (more of the same vaccine) will be ineffective, and yet the establishment pretends that boosters are effective against the new variants and is trying to mandate them instead of telling the truth. Increased booster sales, as well as increased adverse events and chronic illness caused by the boosters will increase the profits of big pharma and increase dependency on big pharma.
  32. Everyone is being played. The Apex Players use lies, propaganda, hoaxes, and false flags in an effort to make us dislike, distrust, and distance each other, so that we are looking at each other instead of looking at them, and so that we cannot unite against them. For example, on December 21, 2021, Fauci asked Americans to ban the unvaccinated from their family Christmas gatherings.
  33. By suppressing informed consent for the EUA vaccines, the establishment has violated the Nuremberg Code, which exists to protect us from Nazis. For example, in December 2021, a pharmacist proved there had been no informed consent and declared that he could no longer violate the Nuremberg Code.
  34. Lockdowns ensure reliance on digital payment, digital communication, digital everything …. and everything digital can be remotely controlled.
  35. The massive campaign by the whole establishment to scapegoat, stigmatize, and blackwash us skeptics and independent thinkers, who do not buy the lies for sars_cov_2, as blindly anti-vax and anti-science, has made some skeptics and independent thinkers more eager to accept any future establishment science, such as a future vaccine, to prove that they are not blindly anti-vax or anti-science.
  36. The massive campaign by the whole establishment to scapegoat, stigmatize, and blackwash us skeptics and independent thinkers makes many of us want to sound reasonable by arguing that government has the right to mandate a vaccine if: 1) it is a good vaccine, 2) government becomes trustworthy, and 3) the pathogen is significantly more harmful than sars_cov_2. However, such an argument is what the Apex Players want and is very wrong for three reasons: 1) government can NEVER be trusted with such power, 2) if all of those conditions ever miraculously happen to be true, then it would be a very short lived miracle, and 3) if all of those conditions ever happen to be true, then 95% would voluntarily get the vaccine.
  37. The duress applied to the unvaccinated makes many of them likely to conform to a particular future manipulation: The Apex Players could engineer a more lethal pathogen—possibly by adding the contagiousness of sars-cov-2 to the lethality of sars-cov (a.k.a. sars-cov-1)—to get nearly everyone on board with a mandate. Government will claim it is a good vaccine thanks to all those brave heroes (a.k.a. sheep) who took the experimental sars_cov_2 vaccine, which enabled scientists to work the bugs out, and it will be self evident that the pathogen is very lethal.
  38. The corruption and incompetence of current leaders and institutions is so bad and so obvious that a majority would be receptive to the claim that government has become trustworthy if the Apex Players put forth an actor that seems great compared to the leaders they have given us thus far.
  39. There were many safe, cheap, and effective prophylactics and therapeutics that Trump could have been championing from the beginning, and the list keeps growing, but Trump only mentioned one, Hydroxychloroquine, and only a few times. The last time was in May 2020. Things went very badly in 2020 and 2021, and yet as the American President, and as a billionaire, Trump has had access to every advisor in the world, so he had no excuse. Therefore, Trump’s December 2021 interview, in which he doubled down on the vaccines, was enough proof to convince many of his remaining followers that Trump had been a Pied Piper leading his followers (opponents of the Apex Players) to their doom.
  40. The authoritarian response to Covid has greatly hurt America and its allies, while strengthening China, and given that this is consistent with the past 50 years of actions by the Apex Players and their front men, we must assume it is helping their agenda. In fact, this may simply be a specific case of hurting those who are least controllable and rewarding those who are most controllable.
  41. The vaccines themselves appear to hurt the fertility of Americans and their allies, who are clearly a target of the Apex Players.
  42. Lockdowns, masks, and distancing make it harder for the children of Americans and their allies to fully develop mentally because they get less physical contact, less face-to-face interactions, and because they can’t see facial expressions.
  43. Mandating the EUA vaccines for the military weakens the military of America and its allies.
  44. The vaccines hurt children the most, thus weakening Americans and their allies in the long term.
  45. The response to Covid has resulted in greater centralization in America and its allies, and to defeat and control a centralized system, one must only defeat and control the head, thus making centralized systems easier for external forces to defeat and control; whereas, in the most most decentralized system, every individual must be defeated and controlled separately, which is far more difficult.
  46. By exposing the majority to be sheep who can be easily led down a path tantamount to a Nazism that targets independent thinkers—in spite of the lessons of history—the Apex Players have made their most independent thinking opponents more receptive to the ideas of: 1) Eugenics that would purge or sterilize such sheep, and 2) population reduction.
  47. The distraction of Covid and related issues turned off the spotlight that had been increasingly illuminating the crimes of the country that is most important to the Apex Players—Israel. (Not Israelis. The Apex Players don’t care about individual Israelis.)
  48. Both the creation and the release sars-cov-2 has made the authoritarian response possible.
  49. Men are a much greater threat to the Apex Players, and in times of great stress, less male babies survive until birth, and Covid was a time of artificially exaggerated stress.
  50. Covid has provided the pretext to purge the police, military, schools, healthcare, and academia of those least likely to comply with tyranny and those most likely to think for themselves, which ensures that only the most controllable and least ethical are in positions that could blow the whistle, or otherwise hinder, the future plans of the Apex Players. I did not list the media because they had already been similarly purged before Covid.
  51. Forcing out some of those (e.g. government employees) who would have received a pension, means those pension funds won’t go bankrupt as soon.
  52. Destroying faith in human doctors will make people more receptive to AI doctors, which will then make them more receptive to rule by AI.
  53. One of the main reasons for the unprecedented push to scrub YouTube and all major social media platforms of hundreds of millions of videos, posts, and comments was to enable them to serve as the training material for AI without AI ever being exposed to the truth.
  54. Putting the infected in nursing homes early in the pandemic killed many old people.
  55. Killing old people has reduced the burden on SS.
  56. Killing old people has reduced the burden on healthcare.
  57. Killing old people helps to balance the federal budget.
  58. Killing old people has reduced the burden on pension plans.
  59. Killing old people keeps pyramid schemes alive longer.
  60. Killing off the oldest people: 1) removes the memory of individual liberty, 2) removes the memory of many facts that counter the establishment narrative, and 3) makes it easier to rewrite history. “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”—George Orwell

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  • Jen says:

    Point #19 wasn’t the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine fully approval by the FDA on Aug. 23, 2021?

    • Jim says:

      Thanks for your question.

      The vaccine approved by the FDA in August 2021 is a legally distinct product (named Comirnaty) from the one still being injected under the EUA, which is why the EUA was extended in August.

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