Why the false left-right paradigm exists, and why the establishment is the so-called left.

If you were the Apex Players, you would want to provide the problem, reaction, and solution in thousands of ways, to slowly stumble towards your end goal of total global control while maintaining the illusion of legitimacy. You would exploit and/or fabricate as many forms of divide-and-conquer as you could manage. You would create what is known as the false left-right paradigm.

Therefore, a critical mass of humanity must learn to transcend the false left-right paradigm, which does indeed seem real sometimes because of the natural dichotomy resulting from the many forms of divide-and-conquer by which we are all being played.

The puppet masters must strengthen that which is naturally weak or non-existent, and must weaken that which is naturally strong.

How do you think so many weak factions and so much junk science came to dominate the establishment narrative? That would have been impossible without the hand of the Apex Players, who must use the full weight of the establishment to create and buttress weak factions and junk science.

Likewise, they must use the full weight of the establishment to weaken the natural strength of common sense, objective reality, logic, first-hand experience, tradition, independent thought, and the subconscious, which can process 40 million bits per second. Likewise, these players must use the full weight of the establishment to weaken the natural strength of men, Christians, gun owners, families, communities, white people, and Americans.

The natural dichotomy is thus: that which the establishment strengthens vs. that which the establishment weakens, which means the establishment must try to keep the two roughly equal, and that is why we have the false left-right paradigm, and why we always will have it as long as we have the Apex Players.

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