Zionism, Redemption, and Transcendence—A New Path Forward

“You and I must make a pact. We must bring salvation back.” —Michael Jackson


The impact of Zionism on humanity is deeper, broader, more nuanced, more toxic, more censored, and more obfuscated than just about anyone seems to understand, so we will each have to tap into the power of our subconscious to find patterns among the millions of data points already in our brains. To be sure, we will also look at a large amount of directly relevant evidence. I recommend reading this whole article before following the hyperlinks.


Everyone is good, and everyone is beautiful. More specifically, the best version of everyone is good, and the best version of everyone is beautiful.

There are no bad people. There are only people who are in a bad place …. because they have lost their way …. because everyone is being played.

The Apex Players (above Presidents and billionaires) are trying to turn every one of us into the worst version of ourselves. They are trying to make us dislike, distrust, and distance each other …. so that we are looking at each other instead of looking at them, and so that we cannot unite against them.

That is not who we really are or who we really want to be.

It is always within everyone’s power to find their way again.

Everyone is redeemable—even the Apex Players.

I live in a universe full of beauty and wonder. How can I feel anything but gratitude for having had the chance to leave the universe better than if I had never existed.

What is Zionism?

We will define Zionism by the actions of the most dominant Zionists.

Zionism is the belief that Jewish people have a right to go to the Middle East and initiate as much fraud and aggression as they want for the purpose of taking any land they want—without ethical constraint. For example, murder, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and Apartheid are acceptable actions to Zionists.

A majority of Zionists are not Jewish—just as a majority who support the dominant LGBT agenda are not LGBT.

Likewise, not all Jews are Zionists—just as not all LGBTs support the dominant LGBT agenda.

A very large percentage (possibly a majority) of American Christians are Zionists.

Almost all of the global establishment is Zionist.

Conflation of Zionism, Israelis, and Jews is a common tactic of Zionists. Such obfuscation hurts Jews and is thus antisemitic.

Some of the best people in the world are Jews—much like how some of the best people in the world are black.

Everyone is being played. The Apex Players (above billionaires and presidents) are Zionist in their actions, but they are not true believers. They do not care about the average Jew or Israeli. Zionism is just a means to an end.

Below the Apex Players are Zionists who are not exactly true believers, but who do care about what they see as the Alpha Jews. They want to scrub the human gene pool of the lesser Jews—much like how Alpha Blacks hate lesser blacks.

Why should you care?

The Apex Players seem to think that Zionism is one of their most important manipulations (plays), so given that the totality of actions by the Apex Players is tantamount to a declaration of war against all of humanity, and given that Zionism is one of their most harmful plays across all of humanity, it is thus in the best interests of humanity to derail Zionism.

We can be more specific.

First, you should always care about genocide, slavery, ethnic cleansing, initiations of force and fraud, the illusion of legitimacy, organized crime, tribalism, dominance hierarchy, and conformism. Such cancers on humanity can spread; whereas, the more freedom and dignity humanity has, the more everyone benefits.

Second, Zionism is a product of the Apex Players, who control those who control you.

Third, Zionists have been particularly destructive to the Middle East and to America, so if you are in one of those countries, you are being harmed more than most. If you are in Western Europe, you are experiencing a flood of Muslim immigrants caused by America’s wars in the Middle East that only benefit Israel.

Fourth, many countries punish those who speak out against the Zionist narrative. You can go to jail for three years in Norway and five years in Russia. Even Canada recently added jail time. Punishments in America still fall short of jail.

What do true believers argue is the justification for Zionism?

True believers originally argued one or both of the following justifications for Zionism.

The first original justification is religion, which is that God gave all of the land in that region to the Jews (the descendants of Jacob) over 2000 years ago. Most Israelis don’t believe this, but they promote the idea anyway because many American Christians are easily fooled by this argument. Of course, claiming God is on one’s side is never a sufficient justification for initiating force or fraud—let alone invasion, genocide, Apartheid, ethnic cleansing, or other atrocities.

The second original justification is ethnicity. The European invaders claim to be the descendants of Hebrews who lived in the land until about 70 AD when the Romans killed almost all of them, and a remnant fled the region. They say that every ethnicity deserves a homeland, and that this one is theirs. Of course, ethnicity as a justification is just racism, tribalism, and dominance hierarchy. Ethnicity is never a sufficient justification for initiating force or fraud—let alone invasion, genocide, Apartheid, ethnic cleansing, or other atrocities.

My best estimate from the data I have seen is that European Jews are about 8% Semitic and 1% Hebrew, but we don’t need data to tell us what is self-evident. European Jews look European. They do not look like Arabs. Of course, it would make no difference whether they were 0% or 100% Hebrew, but maybe such data will help derail some support for Zionism.

Related to both arguments is that the Apex Players would also have us believe that Zionism has existed since 70 AD, and that the rest of humanity just wouldn’t let the Hebrews return, but as we have already explained, religion and ethnicity are not justifications for Zionism, and in the case of Zionism’s roots, we have the additional fact that Zionism became a thing in the 1890’s. It was relatively unknown until the 1920’s, and it got little traction until it spiked during WWII.

Since then, Zionists have added a third justification, which is that Zionism is justified because Israelis are just better and/or more powerful people, but that is just more racism, tribalism, and dominance hierarchy.

Zionism is an extreme manifestation of the Soul of Animals, and as such, is a dead-end path for humanity—especially now that humanity has the power to make itself extinct and/or do enormous harm to the planet. The only way forward is the Soul of Humanity.

How it began

Since before we were human, one tribe did it to another. Native American tribes did it to each other. European tribes did it to Native American tribes, until …. one day …. in 1945 …. all the tribes of men said ENOUGH! NEVER AGAIN!

Then, three years later, some European invaders who felt more entitled than anyone in history …. DID IT AGAIN! They are still doing it! Humanity is forced to look the other way!

There have been countless atrocities in which the European invaders killed Palestinians, bulldozed their homes, or took their homes at gun point. Over one million Palestinians have been killed or evicted by such ethnic cleansing. Some survivors have been forced into the Gaza strip, which is an open-air prison. The rest have been forced into the West Bank, where they live under brutal totalitarian rule. Palestinians inside Israel are second class citizens.

There have been many Zionist operations/scams that have installed Jews into Palestine. Let’s listen to the story of the Hadid family and the particular scam they experienced. Like so many other Palestinians, the grandparents of Bella and Gigi Hadid, took European Jews into their homes. Those Jews, like so many others, claimed to be fleeing from oppression in Europe; and 2.5 years later, those Jews, like so many others, stole the home from the Hadid family.

We can listen to some Israelis confessing/bragging about what they did to Palestinians in the 1940’s.

I have heard no good reason to doubt that, between 1947 and 1949, the European invaders forced at least 750,000 Palestinians to become refugees, stole more than 78 percent of the land, ethnically cleansed and destroyed about 530 villages and cities, and killed about 15,000 Palestinians in a series of mass atrocities, including more than 70 massacres.

In spite of total control of global media by Zionists, there has still been sufficient global outrage to forestall the most extreme levels of genocide, Apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and assorted atrocities so desired by the European invaders. Although Zionists control the global establishment, Israel is still struggling to maintain the illusion of legitimacy.

How it progressed

This map shows the progressive theft of the land by the European invaders.

I think it is fair to say that JFK was assassinated a few months after he stated his intent to: 1) force the already very power Israeli lobby known as AIPAC to register as a foreign lobby, 2) return control of central banking to Congress, and 3) inspect the Dimona nuclear facility in Israel.

David ben Gurion had said that JFK’s position threatened Israel’s very survival.

Zionists were already very concerned when JFK took office because, as stated by Edward Renehan about JFK’s father, Joseph:

As fiercely anti-Communist as they were anti-Semitic, Kennedy and Astor looked upon Adolf Hitler as a welcome solution to both of these “world problems” (Nancy’s phrase)….. Kennedy replied that he expected the “Jew media” in the United States to become a problem, that “Jewish pundits in New York and Los Angeles” were already making noises contrived to “set a match to the fuse of the world”

That all ended a few months later with JFK’s assassination by the CIA (and others) in 1963.

Lest one think that the American establishment was not sufficiently controlled by Zionists in 1963 to assassinate JFK, consider that in 1967, the US government and Israel conspired to sink the USS Liberty, kill everyone on board, and blame Egypt. Israel nearly succeed in their false flag event, and American planes carrying nukes were already on their way to Cairo, but the extraordinary heroism of the crew of the USS Liberty prevented successful completion of the false flag event.

Do you think Israel’s influence over the US establishment increased or decreased after 1967? Consider that Israel knew all about 9/11 before it happened, and that Israel is the only country that benefited from 9/11.

Joe Biden has always said that if Israel didn’t exist, the US would have to invent it. Biden has since repeated that statement. Biden has also always been a Zionist.

In 2013, Obama demanded that Palestinians recognize that Israel is a Jewish state. To be clear, most Israelis are not religious. They believe that Jews are an ethnicity, so the term “Jewish state” refers to what Zionists believe is an ethno-state and not a theocracy.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell had an Island dedicated to capturing evidence of powerful global leaders doing bad things so that they could be blackmailed by an intelligence agency, but did you know that it was for the Israeli intelligence agency?

Nancy Pelosi said that if DC crumbled to the ground, the one thing that would remain is its support for Israel.

Under Trump, 3 or 4 members of Congress were willing to openly criticize Israel. Trump lamented that Israel no longer had total control of the US Congress like it once “rightfully” did.

How it’s going

Israel is one of the most racist countries in the world.

Listen to assorted American politicians explain how dedicated they are to the European invaders in Palestine.

An Israeli man explains to a Palestinian woman why it is OK that her house was taken and given to him.

Abby Martin witnessed first hand how Israelis treat Palestinians in Israel and in the West Bank. She was not allowed in Gaza, but she observed that Palestinians in the West Bank live under a brutal totalitarian rule.

On October 7, 2023, Israel did everything it could to ensure that a Hamas attack from Gaza inflicted maximum damage—100 times more than should have been possible. Palestinians did not benefit from this attack, but much like how only Israel benefited from 9/11, only Israel benefited from this Hamas attack. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that only Zionists benefited from this attack.

Listen to how four Israeli leaders responded:

1) Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, said this about the 2.3 million people in Gaza (50% are children) on 10/8/23 in a television speech, “We will turn Gaza into an Island of ruins.”

2) Yoav Gallant, the Defense Minister of Israel, said this about Gaza in a 10/9/23 television speech, “There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel. Everything is closed. We are fighting animal people, and we are acting accordingly.”

3) Ghassan Alian, Major General of the Israeli Army, said this about the people of Gaza on 10/9/23 in an address on social media, “Animal humans will be treated accordingly. You wanted Hell and will get Hell.”

4) Daniel Hagari, an Israeli army spokesperson, said this about about Gaza as reported on 10/10/23 in the Haaretz newspaper, “We are dropping hundreds of tons of bombs on Gaza. The focus in on destruction, not accuracy”.

Now Israel has a pretext to do what it has always wanted to do. If Hamas worked for Israel, the attack would have gone the same way. It is almost as if ….

For many years, I have observed how the Zionist controlled Western media speak incessantly about “Hamas rockets”, and they rarely mention “Israeli missiles”. The media create the impression that Hamas rockets are uniquely devastating, so we will now look at a comparison of a Hamas rocket vs. an Israeli missile.

Much like 9/11 and the 10/7/23 Hamas attack, American wars in the Middle East have helped no country except Israel, but watch American Zionists confessing how America plans to perform secret acts of war against Iran until Iran retaliates, and then America will say Iran started the war. They even confessed that America has done this many times before. This American/Israeli policy center has such an overwhelming sense of power and entitlement that they have left this confession on YouTube since 2012. Watch this segment bookmarked to begin with Patrick Clawson, and then forward to the next segment with him a couple of minutes later.

Ukraine too?

I guess Ukraine is the only American war that isn’t for the benefit of Israel …. or is it?

Ukraine is widely considered to have the highest concentration of Nazis, Nazi sympathizers, and Nazi adjacent people in the world.

Consider that the war in Ukraine can be summarized as an ongoing cycle in which the US stands up Ukrainian men and Russia knocks them down again. Ukrainian men have been ground up between the US and Russia until few are left—No more Nazis.

However, Ukrainian men weren’t hurting anyone, so the US had to do a coup in 2014 under Obama/Biden to be able to make a future war look natural. Then the US installed Zelensky in 2019. The puppets installed by US Zionists have been shelling their own people for years now. (Did I mention Zelensky is Jewish? That’s right. We are supposed to believe that Nazis elected a Jewish President.)

Humanity has lost its way

We can now see why Zionism is such an enormous stain on all of humanity.

Zionism is a significant part of why we now live in The Toxic Age.

Suppose aliens came to Earth because they had learned that all the tribes of men had finally gotten on the same page and said, “Never Again!” Then they got here and saw that, three years later, some European invaders had done it again! And they are still doing it! And all of humanity is forced to look the other way! The aliens would conclude that they could not allow humanity’s toxicity to spread to the rest of the galaxy, so they would have to quarantine Earth indefinitely.

Humanity has lost its way. Not only did humanity abandon the epiphany of Never Again, but the entire global establishment violated the Nuremberg Code (during Covid), which was developed at about the same time—both in reaction to Nazism. They even violated the entire Bill of Rights!

Those of us who have not yet found our way back …. who are still mired in the Soul of Animals …. who are still mired in the false left-right paradigm …. who have rejected the Soul of Humanity …. cannot claim to be Real People.

Finding our way again

It is paramount that a critical mass of humanity find our way again. We must embrace the Soul of Humanity. We must transcend the false left-right paradigm. We must become Real People. (One way to do that would be to find the wherewithal to accept The Pledge.)

Ending Zionism is not enough.

So great are the crimes of Zionism that it would not be a sufficient solution if 100% of Palestinians said the European invaders could stay. That is because: 1) Palestinians have been placed under so much duress that they cannot possibly be in a position to make such a choice. 2) Palestinians have been bred to be submissive. Those who stand up for themselves are killed. 3) All of humanity has now suffered the effects of Zionism.

Zionism is a crime against humanity—not just Palestinians.

Even if Zionists accomplished their dream of exterminating every Palestinian, the stain of Zionism would remain.

The Apex Parasites have perpetrated so much harm across humanity with Zionism, and have perpetrated so much adjacent harm, that the only way to heal the harm of Zionism 100% and allow humanity to progress is The Greatest Act of Love in 2000 Years.

The European invaders must walk back to Europe.

Be warned. The Apex Players would kill billions of people before they would accept such a defeat.

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