2020 Election Fraud self-evident by next day

Let’s look at some of the reasons why it was already self-evident to many on the day after the election that 2020 had witnessed unprecedented cheating, and that it swung the election.

Then we will look at some updates since then.

To be clear, each day the body of evidence grows substantially, but by the day after the election, it was already self-evident. The perpetrators had overplayed their hand—again, or maybe it was self-evident by design, but we don’t have to try to vet any of that (e.g. thousands of affidavits) to explain why it was already self-evident the day after the election.

Why Self-Evident

It is like how it is self-evident to many who see WTC 7 collapse that it was some kind of controlled demolition and thus the official story cannot be true—it is physically impossible.

The unprecedented cheating in the 2020 election is not as simple as the collapse of WTC 7 though. It is more like the cover up of WTC 7, which is more complex because it is the total absence of discussion throughout the entire global mainstream for all those years in spite of easily available self-evident earth-shattering proof (10 seconds of video) and 100 million people informing anyone who will listen, which all adds up to the self-evident fact that someone exercised such global power, which proves that a globally dominant cabal/alliance exists that has such power, and we can know that without having to know anything about who, or why, or how they did it.

In a nutshell, we can know such things because the subconscious can process 40 million bits per second; whereas, our conscious thought can only process 40 bits per second.

It would thus be difficult or impossible to prove what the subconscious knows, but we know that the subconscious can know things in a blink—things that experts can get wrong after months of effort.

Just as the Apex Players must apply divide-and-conquer if they want to rule, and must therefore weaken that which is strong, and strengthen that which is weak, they must weaken the idea that the subconscious could ever be right when establishment experts disagree.

How to evaluate the evidence

Let’s keep Occam’s razor in mind: The correct theory will usually be among the simplest of those that incorporate the most knowns, explain the most unknowns, make the fewest assumptions, so we can usually shave off other theories.

Occam’s Razor doesn’t prove anything, but it is useful guidance. For example, the establishment theory that there was no more cheating than usual doesn’t incorporate hardly any of the knowns, explain hardly any of the unknowns, and assumes that such conspiracy is impossible, which is the greater assumption. Given that a sufficient level of conspiracy has happened before, then the lesser assumption is that it was applied in this case. This establishment theory also makes the huge assumption that we can trust establishment sources.

Evidence that Biden won

The polls predicted a double digit lead for Biden.

The entire mainstream media report that Biden won.

Cheating sufficient to swing the election would have been unprecedented.

Evidence that Trump won

Before the election

We previously saw the establishment cheat to stop Ron Paul, and we saw that the establishment had to cheat to help Hillary and Biden beat Bernie Sanders.

Although the polls predicted a double-digit lead for Biden, we know those were way off given the vote counts accepted by the mainstream media, and the polls were similarly wrong in 2016 when they said Hillary was up 12% over Trump, so how hard is it to believe the polls were off in some states by an additional fraction of one percent?

Given that the polls were so wrong in 2016, we know that for the mainstream media and the polling companies to be similarly wrong in 2020, that they were intentionally lying about Biden’s lead in an effort to swing the election, which also means they were intentionally lying about Hillary’s lead in an effort to swing the 2016 election.

We know that Trump had enormous turnouts at rallies all over the country, and that Biden had anemic turnouts at rallies all over the country. Hillary’s rallies were also anemic, but better than Biden’s.

Biden couldn’t beat Hillary, and Hillary couldn’t beat Trump, so how could Biden beat Trump?

Even Jimmy Dore progressives and independents know that Biden would be worse for the country than Trump because Trump can’t get away with anything without the media all over him; whereas, the media let the Democrats get away with the exact same things.

Trump got 11 million more votes than last time, and Trump got a larger percentage of the vote than last time among women and minorities.

There is zero enthusiasm for Biden, but we are supposed to believe that he got 14 million more votes that Obama in 2012 and Hillary in 2016, and 6 million more than Trump in 2020.

We know that the US government has attempted to swing many foreign elections, and we know that the American government does not work for the American people, so why wouldn’t the American government try to swing the American election?

Democrats often refer to Trump as Hitler, and refer to his followers as deplorable or irredeemable, so Democrats would obviously feel that cheating was justified. Wouldn’t you cheat to stop Hitler? Democrats would thus feel it was a moral imperative to cheat.

We know that both parties are supposed to have observers to watch each other throughout the election, but we also know that sometimes Republicans can’t find enough people in some areas. We also know that some Republicans have an unprecedented visceral hatred of their candidate this time.

We know that the entire establishment has a visceral hatred of Trump.

We know that the VPs of reddit, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Amazon, and Facebook prefer Biden 1285 to 1.

We know that the Internet gatekeepers cheat (e.g. censor) in many ways and at an increasing rate. We know they cheat to help Democrats, and to promote Russiagate, covid alarmism, and climate change alarmism.

When Glenn Greenwald tried to publish material critical of Biden at the alternative media company he co-founded, and which was built on his reputation, they censored him, and he chose to resign rather than sell out like his co-founders did.

We know the Democrats and the mainstream media say that Trump colluded with Russia to successfully swing the 2016 election with a few thousand dollars worth of click bait, and they also say that the US swings elections in other countries, so we don’t believe them when they say it is impossible that the US swung its own election. Also, why don’t they think Russia tried to swing the election this time?

We know that many polling machines are digital, that they run software, that votes are counted by software, and that the machines are sometimes connected to the Internet, which means they can be hacked. We also know that machines can be hacked by directly accessing them.

We also know that in recent years, Democrat and Republican leaders alike claim that the Dominion polling software, which is used in 29 states, is flawed, and hackable, that it has been hacked before, and that its vulnerability to cheating is by design.

We know that 11 million illegal immigrants reside in the United States, and that many of them have drivers licenses and social security numbers. We also know that ID is not required to vote in many places, and we know that illegal immigrants would vote for Democrats.

At some level, Americans know that the country is circling the drain, that it is not merely a cyclic thing, and that Biden has nothing in his toolbox that can fix it; wheres, Trump may be different, and thus might possibly fix something.

Rules changes to help one side is fraud (i.e. Gerrymandering, drop boxes), and the increased turnout for a lackluster candidate proves rule changes and/or violations.

The sudden use of drop boxes—a rules change—created the opportunity for millions of fraudulent ballots to be stuffed in them, thus proving the 2020 election was the least secure election in history.

A similar kind of fraud proving that 2020 was the least secure election in history is that drop boxes and any of the other new methods of bypassing the previous rigors of the absentee ballot system, such as mailing ballots to every individual in every household—another rules change—would generate more votes from people who are ordinarily too lazy, apathetic, or stupid to vote, and whose thus strongly prefer Democrats.

The flood of ballots floating around communities created the opportunity for cheaters to go door-to-door collecting and filling out ballots.

All establishment sources said that 2020 was the most secure election in history, but even if we had not just proved that 2020 was the least secure election in history, one should intuitively know that it is a huge assumption to trust establishment sources because establishment sources have a conflict of interest. Also, they had already been exposed as proven liars before. It is systemic. It is institutional. Their reputation carries no weight. They must each be vetted just like any random blogger. What they have to say must stand on its own, or be easily verifiable, or go against their biases or self-interest before it carries any weight.

We know that cheating doesn’t have to be very organized. For example, if it were made easy for individuals to quietly cheat on their own volition, then that would have happened. In that case, there could be thousands of cheaters among officials such as poll workers, and there could have been millions or cheaters among those casting ballots.

We know that Trump did not start any new wars; whereas, Bush started two, and Obama added 5 more. This fact alone would be a sufficient reason for the establishment to get rid of Trump, who may not be obedient enough.

We know that the Apex Players exist, have nearly unlimited power to cheat, nearly unlimited power to cover up their cheating, a powerful incentive to cheat, and no conscience. So why wouldn’t they cheat?

During the election

We know that pro-Trump poll watchers were barred from entering many polling sites, and we know that paper was sometimes put over the doors and windows to further hide the activities inside.

We know that the ballots and computers are left unattended during the night.

We know that the swing states had the least natural looking patterns as the votes came in. For example, the famous NYT poll needle predicted a slight probability of Biden win in Georgia for hours, and then over the course of about two hours it slowly moved to a high probability of a Trump win. Then it quickly swung back to a slight probability of a Biden win and stayed there—very unnatural.

After the election

Why do all the discrepancies favor Biden?

We can see in this video that 19,958 votes in Pennsylvania switched from Trump to Biden. We can see a similar thing happen in this video from 2019.

We have been told by the mainstream media that thousands of votes have been switched from Republicans to Democrats by “software glitches”.

We can deduce that some percentage of any fake ballots trying to skew the Presidential race would be filled out for only the Presidential race. There have been reports that Biden got an unusually high percentage of ballots cast for just the Presidential race, and that this was more prominent in swing states.

Jimmy Dore reported that, in some areas, the voter turnout was higher than the percentage who cashed the covid relief checks given out. As he put it: Are you telling me there are more people who will vote by mail than who will accept free money?

How could Trump lose if his party won more seats in the House of Representatives in the same election?

Some folks might find value in the analysis of retired Air Force General Thomas McInerney.

The media are maximizing expectations of a Biden victory, and are thus injecting a poison pill in an unethical game of brinkmanship. Now, judges know that if they find cheating, and make rulings that lead to a Trump victory, the expectations that have been created by the media will lead to bloodshed in the streets. This places enormous pressure on judges to decide for Biden—regardless of the truth.

It is not clear what we can verify yet, but there are thousands of claims, witnesses, videos, etc. that seem pretty incriminating. It is astronomically unlikely that all of them can be wrong, and we have to go with the probabilities.

Are you sure?

Do we know whether each ballot has a code that prevents it from being scanned more than once?

Do we know whether there is video footage available for every voting machine, counting machine, adjudication station, ballot drop box, etc. …. 24/7 …. throughout the election process, so that we can see no one tampered with any of them?

Do we know if each voting machine gave each user a printout of the code running inside it?

Can you prove that no one had a way to change data throughout the collection, transmission, counting, and reporting process?

Can you prove that every kind of audit required actually happened?

Can you prove that every kind of audit log was made, still exists, and hasn’t been tampered with?

Can you prove that no ballots were discarded?

Can you prove that no ballots were fabricated?

Can you prove that no one went door to door collecting unfilled ballots and filling them out?

Can you prove that no one turned in or dropped off more than one ballot?

Can you prove that no one was automatically registered to vote at the last minute?

Can you prove that no ballots were sent to individuals who were not registered to vote?

Are you sure that all of the mail-in ballots have crease marks from being folded?

Can you prove that the votes reported to each end point match the other endpoints?

Can you prove there was not an unusual amount of manual adjudication of ballots, which is where an administrator can edit a ballot?

Can you prove that there were not a disproportionate amount ballots sent to Republican districts and having defects, such as misalignment, that would cause them to be manually adjudicated?

Can you prove that no data passed through another country?

Can you prove that anomalies did not heavily favor one candidate?

Can you prove that anomalies did not occur disproportionately in swing states?

Can you prove that the courts investigated every anomaly or claim thoroughly and fairly?

Can you prove there was no opportunity for fraud at any time by any individual?

Covid as election fraud

If government officials are negligent in order to sway an election, then let’s call that fraud.

For example, the number of PCR cycles (CT threshold) in covid tests has been artificially high in order to produce many false positives. If that was done to hurt Trump, then that is election fraud. Fauci said the same in July 2020, but then then started misleading the public as if there were no issue.

The indirect fraud to generate false positives didn’t just make Trump look bad, but it was also used as a pretext to justify the lockdowns, which were used as a pretext to justify the mail-in scheme that made so much additional fraud possible. The lockdowns also hurt the economy, which made Trump look bad.

We know that social distancing and reduced occupancy at polls hindered monitoring.

We know that if Pfizer had revealed its vaccine 7 days earlier, it would have helped Trump. Pfizer announced their vaccine about a week after the election, but they could have made that announcement before the election if they had not placed their testing on hold and resumed testing the day after the election.

One of my sources has been trying to get a study done for Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin since March 2020, but the board that he must persuade are afraid to do the study, which could help millions, because there is a possibility that the results could help Trump.

This indirect fraud helps to prove the depth and breadth of fraud.


To be clear, Biden and Trump are competing to be America’s Next Top Front Man. Ordinarily, it is all theatre, and they all work for the same people.

Although there is a small chance that Trump is different, vs. a zero chance that Biden is different, that is not a sufficient reason to spend much effort analyzing the cheating of 2020. We analyze the cheating in order to pierce the illusion of legitimacy, to help as many as possible overcome their cognitive dissonance, and to encourage independent thinking.

Although it is possible that the Apex Players don’t care who wins and are just letting their front men compete and cheat as they wish. That would be pretty risky, and they seem pretty risk averse. They also like control—obviously.

A more likely explanation then is that, given how they use conflict as a pretext to justify more control, the cheating could be intentionally blatant in order to foment conflict. This kind of play could also be used in their ongoing effort to breed us. For example, if the provocation were crafted to only trigger the .1% whose genes made them most likely to rebel, then those genes would be eliminated in the conflict. Of course, it could be a far more sophisticated play than that, and it could actually preserve the illusion of legitimacy.

The cheating is blatant, so if it were exposed and overturned, then that would neutralize many who think it is all theatre. Their plans are not usually this sophisticated, but they own the media, so they could convince nearly everyone that the system worked in spite of rogue elements trying to cheat. The Apex Players did a similar (but simpler) play in 2016 when they realized that choosing Hillary would be the final straw that would pierce the illusion of legitimacy for tens of millions, so they went with their plan B (Trump).

You read that right. Some of the same kinds of cheating (not involving Russia) made an impossible Trump win happen in 2016, and far more blatant cheating made an impossible Biden win happen in 2020.

Post Election Updates

In addition to our analysis the day after the election. There are 4 statistical anomalies that are astronomically unlikely to be natural, and they all favor Biden.

The following image may be even more compelling than that analysis:

There are reportedly thousands of affidavits and thousands of videos revealing what appears to be incidents of cheating. There are independent investigations claiming fraud, and there is expert and/or insider opinion claiming fraud. If some of this evidence is true, then it could have been enough to swing the election.

One thing in particular I hope to see investigated is the graphs showing smooth curves with Trump leading, and then in the middle of the night, sudden spikes of as many as hundreds of thousands of votes that instantly bumped Biden up just above Trump. In a few cases, as more votes came in, Trump would slowly overtake Biden again after Biden’s first instant boost, and then another instant boost would put Biden just above Trump again. I haven’t seen anyone deny these incidents either. I have only seen them explained thus far as natural.

The courts vetted nothing. Every case has been immediately dismissed without investigation. Given the mountains of evidence, that can only mean those courts were afraid and/or corrupt.

In spite of the mountain of evidence, more then 90% of fraud denials I have seen claim there is no evidence. In fact, such uniformed claims are usually quite confident and aggressive. Of course, such uninformed claims are simply mirroring the mainstream media.

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