One Kills The King By …

An increasing number of people can see that America is circling the drain ... and that America has been circling the drain for a long time ... and that it is not an accident—it is the result of perpetrators—a globalist insider elite.

The perpetrators are trying to foment conflict because all conflict can be used as a pretext to justify more of a police state, but more importantly, they need us to dislike, distrust, and distance each other so that we are looking at each other instead of looking at them, and so that we cannot unite against them.

If we all started looking at them, they would lose. If we liked and trusted each other, they would lose. If we became the best version of ourselves, they would lose. They would no longer be able to maintain the Illusion of Legitimacy, without which, they would be finished.

They have to take down the American people because we are the last thing standing in the way of their global government, global currency, and global religion​. They have been spending trillions of dollars practicing asymmetric warfare (fighting indigenous populations) for 50 years in preparation for the possibility that cronyism, censorship, propaganda, black ops, psyops, and false flags may not be sufficient to maintain the illusion that ​their global dominance is legitimate, and that they may thus have to fight the world's wealthiest, largest, and best armed indigenous population—and they are ready​.

It is absolutely critical to their success that they not look like the bad guys. They have to make Americans look like the bad guys, which they have already largely accomplished. They have not only used the American military to shit all over the world, but they have manipulated tens of millions into becoming the worst version of themselves (entitled, tribalistic, conformist, angry, petty, bullies addicted to virtue-signaling). Hence, the rest of the world will not come to our aid.

Unfortunately, one of their oldest psyops has found new success. They have convinced millions of Americans that their enemy is ordinary people. They have convinced Americans to defeat themselves. For example, many Americans now want to kill each other, but Americans were not always so easily fooled.

Americans won the American Revolution because they rejected the longstanding psyop that said they could only fight those at their own status level. At the battle of Bunker Hill, ordinary Americans aimed directly at the British officers. The British were mortified at such audacity—that ordinary Americans didn't know their place.

Americans once knew:

One does not kill the king by fighting his pawns—One kills the king by killing the king.

What that would look like today is known as zero squads, which is a concept introduced by William Johnstone in his post apocalyptic novel "Out of the Ashes", in which a new country formed in the Northwest and another one formed based in Washington DC. When the eastern government, having ten times the resources, threatened to invade and conquer the other one, it was told that if such an invasion occurred, then anyone at the top who supported the invasion would be killed by zero squads.

Zero squads were teams of three individuals known only to each other who would pick a target, and be willing to sacrifice their lives if necessary to take out that target.

Of course, it wouldn't be that easy in reality because those who are really at the top are not public figures such as politicians. Anyone publicly visibile is just a front man.

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    To kill or not to kill…
    …the king that forms:
    1) The Federal Reserve (and other central banks similar worldwide) 2) United States Corporate – located at City of London Corporate and has ties to Department of Treasury & its subsection the I.R.S.
    3) Corporations such as Amazon, Microsoft (due to Unit 8200 support), Walmart, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, etc.
    4) Some hidden cults (e.g.: Bohemian Springs, Operation Mockingbird, New Manhattan Project, KSA monarchy, etc.)
    5) …

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