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Covid Lies

Establishment Covid Lies: Two weeks to flatten the curve The EUA vaccines will let you go back to normal are the only remedies prevent you from contracting Covid prevent you from transmitting Covid are not experimental are given with informed consent do not require boosters do not cause variants are superior to natural immunity cause […]

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Remember leaders talking about safe, cheap, and effective ways to combat Covid? Me Neither.

As of January 2022 …. Do you remember all those times establishment leaders, such as Gates, Fauci, Trump, Biden, the CDC director, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Stephen Colbert …. Facebook, Twitter, reddit, Amazon, YouTube, and Google …. repeatedly pushed the EUA vaccines really hard? Do you remember how they raised an unprecedented amount of alarm […]

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Natural Covid immunity is superior.

It has been known for more than 100 years that the natural immunity resulting from infection enables one’s immune system to prevent serious symptoms for decades if one is reinfected, so that is what everyone should have expected from the natural immunity conferred by Covid from the beginning. The only caveat is that if sars-cov-2 […]

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2 Ways Covid helps the Apex Players

Let’s identify all the ways Covid helps the Apex Players increase their power, their wealth, and their control over everyone in the world. Let’s begin with the ways the authoritarian response to Covid helps them: To Read Next: Natural immunity is superior. Using CDC numbers, Covid alarmism is absurd. Come with me if you want […]

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The Brandon Effect

Whereas, the Streisand Effect is an individual trying to suppress information embarrassing to that individual, the Brandon Effect is the establishment trying to suppress information embarrassing to an individual in order to gaslight the public with a fabricated alternative narrative, and to promote an unpopular agenda. However, the establishment agenda was so unpopular, and the actual chant was so popular and so clear, that such a blatant lie fueled a massive backlash

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