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Would the Free-Market have produced the Internet?

Would the free-market have had the incentives to produce the Internet? The establishment narrative says No, and it says that DARPA created the Internet. First, let’s explain what we mean. The free-market is everything voluntary. In a free-market system, everyone would be free to own, invent, build, sell, buy, trade, advertise … anything. One would […]

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Raw NOAA data reveals more than we could have imagined

Regarding the mainstream narrative … whether one is a denier or supplier … one has to admit that Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) has been the official doctrine of the global mainstream for years now, and that anyone expressing doubts will experience ridicule, censorship, shunning, or worse. Likewise, just about everyone would have to admit that […]

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There was a girl

It is fuzzy now, but there was a girl when you were much younger—a child. She liked you, but you were sometimes cold. You tested her with insults, and then, it happened. She stopped coming around, but you didn’t really notice. Now you are better, and you wish you could remember exactly who she was […]

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