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Using CDC numbers, Covid alarmism is absurd.

That information is being suppressed—hard—for political, social, and financial benefit to the establishment elite. For the establishment elite, it was never about safety—It was always about personal gain.

If that sounds shocking, ask yourself this. “When have the book burners ever been the good guys?”

Then there is the level above the establishment elite, and for these Apex Players, it was never about safety—It was not even about personal gain—It was always about control.

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Come with me if you want to live.

The global suppression Ivermectin and other prophylactics and therapeutics is thus sufficient to prove that the global establishment is working against the people in a very direct and lethal manner. Such global suppression also proves that someone has the power to perpetrate such global suppression.

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It’s time to leave the party. All will be forgiven.

“Those who can make one believe absurdities can make one commit atrocities.”—Voltaire Let’s hold a mirror up to the cognitive dissonance of those who are not what they claim to be—to help them transcend the false left-right paradigm by setting them free of the party for which this particular technique works best. There’s Russiagate: How […]

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The American military has agreed to fight the American people.

The words of General Milley were the next step in the end game of the Apex Players. The US military is the final part of the establishment that has declared the American people to be the enemy. Even the US military itself probably didn’t know why it was ordered to engage in asymmetric warfare–hard–for 50 years, but many of us have known since the Clinton administration.

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Independent Experiment to Detect Aether

Even before I knew that establishment sources lie to us about climate, covid, terrorism, race, gender, history, psychology, economics, events, foreign countries …. and especially about each other …. I was already on the lookout for evidence of the extraordinary, and like most, my personal bias is that I want there to be evidence of […]

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