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There was a girl

It is fuzzy now, but there was a girl when you were much younger—a child. She liked you, but you were sometimes cold. You tested her with insults, and then, it happened. She stopped coming around, but you didn’t really notice. Now you are better, and you wish you could remember exactly who she was […]

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Forgive Those Who Believe Absurdities

Around 1990, I already knew that there were huge problems caused by individuals, majorities, and leaders being wrong, but that’s when I began to notice how there were important facts, logic, and ideas, that nobody was hearing. Although I already knew that people could make themselves believe anything, and that their biases would make them […]

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Natural Hierarchy—Soul of Humanity—Light—Love

There are two hierarchies. The dominance hierarchy forcibly rewards those who are most tribal and conformist—the peak of animal evolution—the Soul of Animals—Darkness—Banality. The natural hierarchy voluntarily rewards those most exemplary of nobility, honesty, integrity, open mindedness, courage, curiosity, progress, and independent thought—the peak of human evolution—the Soul of Humanity—Light—Love. The eternal war of the […]

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91.3% Of Highest Flood Crests Were Before 1965

With a solemn certainty, a coworker just repeated the mainstream mantra that man-made CO2 has made climate more extreme in the last 10-20 years—hence the extreme flood levels in American rivers. This reminded me of a very similar assertion by a friend from the Ohio River valley​. ​To be a scientific theory, it must be falsifiable, […]

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