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The natural resistance will celebrate victory

Background Everyone is being played. It is not hard to prove that the Apex Players exist above presidents and billionaires. They have total control of the media, the government …. the entire global establishment. We can see they have used their power to cause conflict, racism, riots, pandemic, collapse, scarcity, hate, war, poverty, stagnation, tribalism, […]

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The Apex Players

There is no chain of command from those at the top down to the agent provocateur on the street because those at the top rule by manipulation. They have constructed a web of mutually reinforcing institutions, psyops, incentives, and disincentives. Their control of those at the top of each institution is absolute, and thus any […]

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Why I never believed in Qanon

I thought from the beginning that Qanon (a.k.a. Q) was a psyop to accomplish several goals—the main goal being to give Trump street cred—to support the Myth of Trump. How else could a NYC Democrat get enough street cred to be a pied piper for conservatives, libertarians, conspiracy investigators, and assorted anti-establishment types—to take them […]

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Thank God for our third-wave progressive brothers and sisters!

Historically, progressives were somewhat progressive. Most progressives, such as Margaret Sanger, were early adopters of eugenics, and if they could have figured out an ethical way to improve the human gene pool, that would indeed have been huge progress. However, their techniques were less than ethical (e.g. they forcibly sterilized tens of thousands in the […]

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