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The phrase in science that heralds new discoveries is “That’s funny…”

The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not “Eureka” but “That’s funny…” —Isaac Asimov (1920–1992) The crisis in science is that we are no longer allowed to say, “That’s funny…” Allow me to demonstrate: Still not convinced? Perhaps another demonstration is in order: It takes no imagination […]

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Billionaires are not the Apex Players.

It has become fashionable among midwits to claim that billionaires are the Apex Players, but this theory is easily falsified by the example of billionaire, John Schnatter. John Schnatter, who was the the Founder of Papa Johns and it’s CEO and Chairman of the Board, explained in a conference call in 2017 that disrespect by […]

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Visceral Epiphanies from 2020

I had a visceral epiphany watching the following videos back to back. I will explain the epiphany afterwards so that I do not prejudice your experience. First, watch the 7-minute clip of nurse Erin Olszewski testifying about the tragedies, atrocities, and corruption she witnessed first hand. This was mostly in March of 2020. She was […]

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Environmental Concerns — Vaxxers vs. Skeptics

One side is deep, complex, nuanced, independent thinkers who care about the environment; and the other side is dull, vapid, insipid, shallow followers who care about virtue-signaling. The Venn diagram between the environment sheep and the vaxx sheep is a single circle, and the Venn diagram between the environment skeptics and the vaxx skeptics is […]

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The Unvaccinated get a lower standard of care

There have been many stories in which the unvaccinated get a lower standard of care. There was the bill in the UK to withhold government healthcare from the unvaccinated, and there were the stories of Ivermectin being withheld from states with lower vaccination rates and diverted to states with higher vaccination rates. If anyone has […]

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The natural resistance will celebrate victory

Background Everyone is being played. It is not hard to prove that the Apex Players exist above presidents and billionaires. They have total control of the media, the government …. the entire global establishment. We can see they have used their power to cause conflict, racism, riots, pandemic, collapse, scarcity, hate, war, poverty, stagnation, tribalism, […]

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