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The American people have been defeated.

Those playing everyone, let’s call them the Apex Players, have worked diligently for decades to take down the American people, whom they see as the last thing standing in their way, and as of July 2020, one could argue that the American people were finally defeated, which means that the entire world will now continue […]

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Why the false left-right paradigm exists, and why the establishment is the so-called left.

If you were the Apex Players, you would want to provide the problem, reaction, and solution in thousands of ways, to slowly stumble towards your end goal of total global control while maintaining the illusion of legitimacy. You would exploit and/or fabricate as many forms of divide-and-conquer as you could manage. You would create what […]

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Internet gatekeepers favor one side 1285 to 1

If you search the FEC online database for political contributions by VPs at reddit, Apple, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, and Microsoft … from 08/01/2019 through 10/26/2020; you will generate 1,309 contributions minus 23 for other companies that have Apple in their name–so 1,286 relevant contributions. Of those 1,286 contributions, the number for Trump or a […]

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Would the Free-Market have produced the Internet?

Would the free-market have had the incentives to produce the Internet? The establishment narrative says No, and it says that DARPA created the Internet. First, let’s explain what we mean. The free-market is everything voluntary. In a free-market system, everyone would be free to own, invent, build, sell, buy, trade, advertise … anything. One would […]

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