Diego Medina died a hero preventing a false flag mass shooting

Diego Medina died a hero when he prevented a false flag mass shooting. He was armed with an AR rifle and explosives, but instead of carrying out his mission, he scrawled a message to his handler on a bathroom wall before dying of a self inflicted gunshot: “I am not a killer.”

Fedbois lose

Some fedbois must be really upset because their false-flag mass shooting went sideways, and it even pointed back to them!

Unbeknownst to Diego, the fedbois probably had professionals already on-site to do the dirty work in case Diego performed poorly in his mission. That way, they could ensure maximum terror, but whatever happened, the fedbois would then blame Diego for all of it.

Reports of those who saw other shooters would have been covered up. After all, when you’re a fedboi, you do cover ups. It’s what you do. Even more than false flags, you do cover ups.

However, Diego stopped their act of terror. He stopped them cold.

When it mattered most, he sacrificed his life for all of us.

Humanity wins

It probably wasn’t any of us, but this young man must have encountered a Real Person …. at least once in his life …. and it tipped the scales.

It probably wasn’t any of us, but it was someone like us. Maybe it was someone influenced by another like us. Maybe the chain is hundreds of people long …. but it reached this young hero …. and that made all the difference.

Maybe someone had passed along the words of a Real Person.

Maybe it was a meme.

He may not have become the best version of himself yet, but he was on the path. He had found his way again. He probably found his way only moments before he died, so many who new him may not understand his transcendence, but we know that he died a hero.

Everyone is being played, but if a critical mass find their way again, the Apex Players are finished. Their plays will fail more and more often, and humanity’s self-reinforcing downward spiral will become a self-reinforcing upward spiral.

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