The Greatest Act of Love in 2000 Years

I was pondering the Earth’s weakening magnetic field, the approaching galactic wave, and the micronova it could trigger, and then I remembered why I was there. I wasn’t sure I was a Watcher of course, but it felt true.

He was about to speak to a countless multitude.

Behind me I heard two desperate sounding men say to each other that the New Order may not be able to withstand such a black swan event.

Then he began.

The Native American tribes did it to each other, and then the European tribes did it to them.

Tribalism, dominance, and conformism have been with us since before we were human. It is the way of animals. It is their peak.

Nobility made us human. Tolerance, openness, and independence made us human. Honesty, progress, responsibility, peace, and courage. It is the way of men. It is our peak.

The soul of humanity had been supplanting the soul of animals in each generation, until one day, in 1945, all the tribes of men said, Enough! Never Again!

I could not distinguish the gasps of hope from the gasps of horror.

There would be no more wars of conquest. No more genocides. No more atrocities. No more ethnic cleansing. No more apartheid states. Never Again!

I had a second to bask in the glow, but suddenly, a large minority in the crowd became enraged, and I am sure that in all the jostling I saw a tail disappear under the long coat of one man, and the one next to him, though his eyes and head were covered, looked …. off. Another kind of Watcher perhaps.

We thus forgive all that ended before the great epiphany, but then some European invaders did it again! And they are still doing it! And humanity is forced to look the other way!

The occupied always have the right to fight back, but the occupiers only have the right to leave.

I am one of those European invaders, and today I will walk back to Europe.

Whatever happens, do not hate those who would stop me.

Everyone is beautiful. Everyone is good.

More specifically, the best version of everyone is beautiful, and the best version of everyone is good.

They are just in a bad place. They have lost their way.

We were all there once.

Everyone is being played.

The Apex Players are turning us into the worst version of ourselves. They try to make us dislike, distrust, and distance each other, so that we are looking at each other instead of looking at them, and so that we cannot unite against them.

They do not want us to know that it is within everyone’s power to instantly find their way again.

Everyone is redeemable–even the Apex Parasites.

This is temporary. It is not who they really are or who they really want to be.

When you see someone. Think to yourself, “The light in me is allied with the light in you.”

He handed the mic to another man.

I am one of the occupied, and I will walk with you my brother. I will be your shield.

The raw emotion was overwhelming. Most were embracing strangers and crying …. okay …. I was too.

I checked and none of the mainstream news sources were carrying this live, and then I lost my internet connection. Apparently the global Internet kill switch had been activated, but I think they were too late.

We had just witnessed the greatest act of love in 2000 years.

The mutually-reinforcing downward spiral was turning into a mutually reinforcing upward spiral.

A critical mass had become the best version of themselves. As the plays became less effective …. as the the psyops failed more often …. there was a horizon coming into view …. a golden age …. a world in which the Apex Players had become irrelevant.

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