Come with me if you want to live.

As of September 2021, one can easily prove that someone has exercised the power to kill millions and to permanently injure tens of millions, and of course, the deaths and injuries are still rising, but one can also easily prove that there is a miraculous solution.

Come with me if you want to live.

Let’s first state some premises on which everyone can agree:

If the global establishment is acting in good faith, then they are doing everything they can to make sars-cov-2 extinct, and if that fails, to achieve herd immunity, and if that fails, to at least minimize death and long term disability (e.g. scarred lungs).

If the global establishment is acting in good faith, then they would champion anything that has any chance of being a prophylactic or therapeutic—especially if it is safe and cheap.

If the global establishment is acting in good faith, then they are making other efforts as well, but we have already stated enough premises to support some earth shattering conclusions.

If we can prove that they are not making these stated efforts, then that will have proved they are not acting in good faith. If we can also prove that they are actively working against these stated efforts, then that will have proved they are an extreme threat to more than 90% (maybe 99%) of humanity. If we can also prove that no one in the global establishment is trying to stop such an atrocity, then that will have proved that there is a guiding force above the global establishment that can ensure cooperation from more than 90% (maybe 99%) of the most influential 100 million people in the world in spite of their many varied interests, and in spite of ubiquitous and overwhelming evidence they are wrong.

The Wonder Drug:

Since at least 2005, the scientific community has been calling it a “wonder drug”, for which they are continually finding new uses. As of early 2020, it had been used to treat cancer, 14 RNA viruses (including sars-cov-2), 5 DNA viruses, and several parasites. Nearly 4 billion doses have been administered to people all over the world since 1987, and it is safer than aspirin.

The scientists who developed this wonder drug won the 2015 Nobel prize in medicine for their work.

Its relevance to sars-cov-2 is that it disrupts replication of RNA viruses (like sar-cov-2), and is extremely effective if administered in the first 4 days of symptom onset.

A high-quality meta-study shows that it is effective as both a prophylactic and a therapeutic for sars-cov-2.

Here is a nice real-time summary, which now includes 64 studies (and growing).

This drug is available over-the-counter in India, Mexico, and other countries. Two provinces in India started using it to great effect against Covid. Mexico started using it to great effect against Covid. Six African countries were already regularly using it as a prophylactic for other purposes, such as West Nile Virus, River Blindness, and Malaria, and those countries have no Covid pandemic.

In other words, the miracle is here.

It has always been here.

In the US, it is one of multiple drugs available (via prescription) which can disrupt viral replication against sars-cov-2. Another one is Hydroxychloroquine. They are safe, and they are also cheap because their patents have expired.

Also consider that several other prophylactics/therapeutics are available over-the-counter, and that they can greatly reduce one’s chance of sars-cov-2 turning into severe Covid. Some examples are: are vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, copper, quercetin, NAC, liposomal glutathione, and liposomal NAD+. In fact, zinc makes the wonder drug more effective, and quercetin, or any other ionophore of zinc (e.g. Hydroxychloroquine) makes the zinc more effective. Get copper from natural sources like beef-liver pills, bee pollen, or camu powder. NAC, which is totally safe, and which has been available over-the-counter for decades, is now being banned by the FDA for over-the-counter sales, so stock up now if you can still get it.

The wonder drug is another ionophore of zinc as well as being an inhibitor of the viral main protease necessary for viral replication. It is a natural substance discovered in soil bacteria in Japan in the 1970’s, which makes sense because bacteria also need to protect themselves from viruses.

As we can see, the global establishment knew about this wonder drug from the beginning of Covid, and the evidence only mounted as Covid progressed; however, both knowledge of, and access to, these prophylactics and therapeutics are being suppressed—hard—globally. In the US it is nearly impossible to find a doctor willing to prescribe them, and if any doctor is brave enough to prescribe them, then 99% of pharmacies will refuse to fill the prescription. Even India is now backing away from the wonder drug, which is commonly known as Ivermectin, and which establishment elites denigrate as nothing more than “horse dewormer” and as toxic to humans.

We can also prove that these establishment elites have incited an absurd degree of alarmism.

Other Prophylactics and Therapeutics:

The following knowledge, which informs my Covid prophylactic and therapeutic regimen, is derived from many constituent sources. I present it here because it is imperative that we take control of our health and not be dependent on the medical cartel or the government. Any expert who cared enough would have already known the following information, but almost none of them do, and almost none of those who do will talk about it because they have conflicts of interest.

Vitamin C and vitamin D – If your vitamin D level is above 40 ng/ml, then you are far less likely to experience Covid as anything more than a mild to medium cold. (A high level of vitamin C provides similar protection.) One who gets much sun, such as a lifeguard, will have a vitamin D level over 60 ng/ml. I myself don’t get much sunlight, and yet, my vitamin D level is 47 ng/ml in early winter, which is probably so good because I supplement with about 8000 IU per day. I am not worried about vitamin D overdosing as some alarmists warn because, although it is fat soluble, and although all other fat soluble vitamins can be overdosed, the human body has a mechanism by which it can dispose of excess vitamin D. The fact that we evolved such a mechanism is evidence of the importance of vitamin D.

Zinc – Zinc may actually be the real wonder drug.

Zinc inhibits the RNA polymerase, which inhibits viral replication. It does this in part by changing the pH level. However, zinc is water soluble, and your cell membranes are fat, so zinc can’t get in to do the job unless it is carried in and released by a zinc carrier ionophore. A channel ionophore would also help because it would open a channel in the cell membrane through which lots of things could pass, but that would also interfere with the functioning of the cell, so I would stick with a carrier ionophore. An excellent carrier ionophore is quercetin because it is great at both carrying the zinc into the cell and great at letting go of it; whereas, EGCG is good at carrying the zinc into the cell but it is not as good at letting go of it once inside.

Various beneficial molecules work in multiple ways against sars-cov-2. For example, quercetin also binds to spike proteins on the virus, thus hobbling its ability to infect cells. Quercetin also modulates NLRP3 inflammasome, which is an immune system component involved in the uncontrolled release of proinflammatory cytokines that occurs during a cytokine storm

Two other ionophores of zinc are Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. Ivermectin also inhibits the viral main protease, which is essential for viral replication.

It is imperative that one be taking zinc and an ionophore either before catching sars-cov-2 or within the first four days after onset of symptoms, which is why the studies cited by the global establishment usually administer IVM or HCQ alone and/or much too late.

Much of this was learned 10-20 year ago in the fight against AIDs, and thus Fauci already knew all of this because he was intimately involved in AIDs disinformation, which is why the Nobel Prize winning inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, said in the 90’s that Fauci is a fraud.

Copper – It is important to keep a balance of copper to zinc, so what often appears to be a zinc deficiency is often a copper deficiency. I avoid copper in supplement form. The only three natural sources of copper I know are camu powder, bee pollen, and non-defatted beef liver.

Licorice root – It has long been known that licorice root promotes respiratory health, and in April 2021, the mechanism by which it works was published. To summarize, Glycyrrhizin, which is a significant component of licorice root, inhibits the viral main protease, which is essential for viral replication. However, licorice root can increase blood pressure, so I only use it as a therapeutic and not as a prophylactic. Note that Ivermectin, in addition to being an ionophore of zinc, is also a protease inhibitor.

NAC/Glutathione – I take NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) because it is a mucolytic and a precursor to glutathione, but it is much cheaper than glutathione, so that is the form most people took before the FDA suddenly started trying to ban it in 2020 after decades of safe use. I say trying to ban it because there is resistance by some companies. (Note that Amazon was one of the first to comply.) For example, I was still able to acquire more than 30 bottles of it pretty easily in 2021. A friend of mine who works at a pro-vaccine foundation, and who thus bought all of the establishment narrative before he saw the data I present here, was somehow savvy to NAC and the ban, and already had 50 bottles of it in early 2020. That is how I first learned about it.

NAC doesn’t always work well as a glutathione precursor depending on one’s genes, depending on co-factors such as magnesium, and depending on inhibitors such as arsenic, so I also take liposomal glutathione.

The “A” in NAC represents the acetyl molecule, which carries the cysteine through the stomach and into the intestines. Otherwise, stomach acid would destroy it first. That is the same reason I take liposomal glutathione instead of plain glutathione.

NAD+ – NAD is something given to certain people favored by the establishment who contract Covid, and although they get it intravenously, we can take it orally. It seems like the most effective form may be liposomal NAD+.

Others: Other prophylactics and/or therapeutics are: curcumin, melatonin, lactoferrin, cannabidiol, and nigella sativa.

Exercise – You already know to exercise, but one reason not commonly known is because the lymph system does not circulate on its own like blood does. We must move to circulate lymph.

Sugar – You already know that sugar makes you fat, which is a co-morbidity of Covid, and you may know that it tends to feed fungus and cancer, but it also weakens the immune system and causes fatty deposits in and around your organs—even in some people who are not overweight. That includes the fructose in fruit. High fructose corn syrup is especially bad.

Sleep: Given my prophylaxis regimen, one dose of these therapeutics is usually enough to enable my immune system to knock out any bug I get—assuming I also get a good night of sleep (e.g. 10 hours) afterwards.

Sunlight: Instead of being locked down, it is healthier to get lots of sunlight, which is hard to do even without lockdowns. Sunlight not only causes our bodies to produce vitamin D, but it also causes our bodies to produce nitric oxide, which is also very important, so I take citrulline malate to get nitric oxide. I suspect nitric oxide may also do other things that we don’t understand yet. Consider that we evolved in the sun, and that lockdowns are unnatural.

Those having a given level of vitamin D from sunlight are more protected than those having the same level of vitamin D from supplements, which is because the sun emits near infrared light, which can penetrate a shirt, and which causes our bodies to produce intra-cellular melatonin. (The melatonin produced by our pituitary gland when it is dark is not intra-cellular.)

Nebulizer: I and many others have gotten good results by putting some hydrogen peroxide in a nebulizer. I will also sometimes use colloidal silver or salt in a nebulizer. I learned the hard way not to put oils or honey in the nebulizer.

Manuka honey: One thing I do that seems to help every time I have tried it is to eat a spoonful of Manuka honey one tiny nibble at a time. I mash it all over the inside of my mouth and then inhale through my mouth and out through my nose.


Concerning the efforts stated in our premises …. We have proved that the global establishment is not making these efforts, and we have thus proved that they are not acting in good faith. We also proved that they are actively working against stated efforts, and we have thus proved that they are an extreme threat to more than 90% (maybe 99%) of humanity. We also proved that no one in the global establishment is trying to stop such an atrocity, and we have thus proved that there is a guiding force above the global establishment that can ensure cooperation from more than 90% (maybe 99%) of the most influential 100 million people in the world in spite of their many varied interests, and in spite of ubiquitous and overwhelming evidence they are wrong.

Yes. That means exactly what you think it does.

They Live.

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