Kenosha: The Kyle Rittenhouse Incident

On August 25th, 2020, Kyle Rittenhouse killed two men and shot a third in the arm while aiming for the torso for a third kill shot. All four men were white.

This occurred after curfew in Kenosha where an angry violent mob was burning and destroying people’s livelihoods, and trying to hurt anyone who disagreed with them—all under the pretense of protesting a cop firing seven rounds at the back of yet another unarmed black man.

All of the so-called left calls Kyle a murderer, and even a conservative black friend of mine calls him a murderer.

Kyle was probably well known by the police. Not only was he a big fan, but you can watch a video for yourself where earlier that evening cops in an armored vehicle pulled up to Kyle and others armed with AR-15’s who were guarding some property at the request of the owner, whose other property had already been destroyed by the mob, and the cops gave them some water bottles and said how much they appreciated the help.

At the beginning of hostilities that particular night, the violent mob was pushing a dumpster they had set on fire, and the group of defenders that included Kyle put it out. One member of the mob tried to refocus them and explain that the cops were the enemy—not private citizens and their businesses, but the mob ignored him. We can see all of that in this video.

Joseph Rosenbaum (small guy with red shirt) actively enters that same video at 23:26. He can be seen lunging at the defenders, laying hands on them, and screaming “Shoot me ni**a!”, which we probably hear most clearly at 24:07. It is more clear in this video. Later that night, he would be the the first one shot.

A little later, Kyle was moving around and helping injured protesters with first aid. Then he was called to guard one of the owner’s other facilities that was coming under attack. Police had set up a road block that separated Kyle and this new facility from the rest of the defenders guarding the other facility, so Kyle was alone.

Seeing Kyle alone, the mob began throwing things, and we can see Kyle running into a corner as Rosenbaum chases him at full speed. As Kyle reached the corner, someone behind Rosenbaum fired a shot. A reporter on the scene said that Kyle had his gun pointed downward when he hear the first shot, and he hit the ground. When he got back up, he saw Rosenbaum approaching Kyle and trying to take his gun, at which point, Kyle fired at Rosenbaum.

We can see from the videos already provided that Rosenbaum had no bullet wounds in the front torso, arms, neck, or head (unless one of Kyle’s bullets caused the cut on the side of Rosenbaum’s forehead). It is thus possible that Kyle was trying to aim for the legs in order to spare Rosenbaum’s life, or it is possible that during the struggle that is just where the bullets randomly struck.

Kyle then approached an intersection where cop cars and armored vehicles were heading his way from the opposite direction. He called a friend and informed them that he had shot someone.

While he was walking, the mob swarmed around him. One ran up and hit him in the back and they could be heard yelling things like “beat him up.” One man in the mob, Gaige GrossKreutz, of the People’s Revolution Movement, had a handgun.

Kyle ignored them, but then he tripped and rolled over on his back just as a man came running up and stomped on him once before running off.

Two other men, Anthony Huber and Gaige Grosskreutz, were approaching him at the same time, and trying to take his rifle. Kyle shot Huber in the chest, and just as Grosskreutz was bringing his gun around towards Kyle while blocking Kyle’s rifle with his left arm, Kyle fired and hit Grosskreutz in the arm holding the gun.

Kyle then got up and walked with hands up to a cop car and armored vehicles coming through the intersection, while periodically grabbing at the butt of his rifle, which would have gotten him shot immediately by the cops, but the cops knew him and ignored him. He spoke to the cops in the car before walking off.

Kyle was quickly charged with first degree murder.

You can read a statement from Kyle’s lawyer, which checks out with the facts we can determine for ourselves.

Now let’s think about what this means.

Clearly, if a man owns himself, then he has a right to self-defense, and if a violent angry mob hostile to that man, tries to disarm him, then he has a right to use lethal force rather than let himself be disarmed by that mob.

It may sound like Kyle is 100% innocent, but there are other claims against him.

Kyle is accused of transporting a weapon across state lines, entering the state to perform armed guard duty, and possessing a weapon while under 18 years of age. However, Kyle was in the state to work as a lifeguard earlier that day, he used a weapon that was already in the state, and the local cops had no problem with him carrying the weapon.

What is most disturbing about these accusations is that anyone would make them because, in a free country with the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, none of that should be illegal—not even close.

What Kyle’s accusers fail to address is the possibility that Kyle provoked his attackers in some way. However, he was not wearing anything inflammatory, and he is not heard yelling anything inflammatory.

Therefore, unless more facts become known, and if Kyle gets a fair trail, he should be 100% exonerated.

If one tries to disarm someone, or attack that someone, even though one is unarmed, then one has entered into a gun fight. Therefore, what happened is that three men entered into a gun fight with Kyle and lost that gun fight.

That still leaves the perplexing question of why these men would try to disarm him. Let’s consider Rosenbaum first. Kyle had shot no one yet, and had not even shot at anyone, so given what anyone having substantial first hand experience with the left—especially the radical left—knows, it is most probable that Rosenbaum had such an overwhelming sense of entitlement, confidence, moral superiority—and hate—that he could not imagine that such an inferior creature would dare to kill him.

This is much like what the British officers, who came from aristocracy, thought during the American Revolution, and they were thus appalled to observe that ordinary Americans would dare to shoot at officers.

You may have heard the expression, “The idiot brought a knife to a gun fight.” In this case, the idiot brought entitlement to a gun fight.

Entitlement was probably an element of why the other two men later tried to disarm Kyle, but after seeing Kyle kill Rosenbaum, why would they make the same mistake Rosenbaum made? Most likely, they saw the object of their hate (Kyle) on his back and thus looking to them like easy prey.

Another question is whether Kyle overreacted to all that hate and violence directed at him.

We see in the video in which Kyle fell, that he only shot each man once. Now consider that one can pull the trigger on an AR-15 several times per second if one wanted to, and that the bullets in an AR-15 don’t have a lot of what is called “stopping power”, which is why some US military rifles have a third selector to fire 3-round bursts. It is also why rule number 2 in Zombieland is double tap.

Therefore, shooting those men only once each when he was on his back showed remarkable restraint.

Is Rittenhouse a patriot or hero as some say? (Patriot can mean one who defends one’s country or one who defends the principles on which one’s country is founded.) Kyle may have been applying one of America’s founding principles, but that was to save his own life, so that doesn’t make him a patriot—or a hero. That just makes him a man. He did risk his personal safety though to help someone defend their livelihood, so to some extent that makes him a hero, but no more so than any cop, fireman, or soldier. That’s just what men do.

A large percentage of people are making an issue of Kyle being 17, and how 17 year-olds aren’t allowed, or shouldn’t be allowed … because they’re 17—as if being six months older …

I tend to side with the little guy, so I say: How is it the party that wants to empower the little guy … is the party that wants to disarm the little guy?

17 year-olds have fought in every war, and it was considered normal in the 20th century, so in a way, it is good that cops respect young people enough to trust them with such responsibility—especially given how many ways the establishment cultivates arrested development. Also, we shouldn’t want a one-size-fit-all system for every young person anyway.

Another interesting thought is to imagine if Kyle had been black and if the mob had been Trump supporters. How many would still be making the same arguments? What percentage of those attacking Kyle would flip 180 degrees and be defending him?

What may be the most important point, is that if you feel really angry or triggered to such a degree that you would hurt someone, then consider how that could have been the goal, and that it is always possible that key elements of this event were staged.

To some extent we know it was staged—indirectly—not directly. Players don’t have to give orders. Such manipulations explain what is wrong with the people. Here is an excerpt written the day before George Floyd was murdered.

Given that all conflict can be used as a pretext to justify more control, they don’t need to command cops to make it happen. They can just ensure that think tanks produce the guidance that cops should be trained and quipped like warriors as if all of the people are suspected enemies—because terrorism and assault rifles. Sooner or later, cops would thus overreact, and then people would attack cops, and then cops would feel like their indoctrination was correct.

A Red Dawn Scenario

Was Kenosha closer to a peaceful protest or a Red Dawn scenario?

CNN finally jumped the shark among even those having the strongest normalcy bias when they described the violent mobs in Kenosha as “mostly peaceful protests”. They became the butt of jokes across all demographics.

So, if they weren’t peaceful protests, what were they?

In the movie Red Dawn, outsiders invaded a town with the intent to bust it up pretty good and hurt anyone who disagreed with their agenda.

In Kenosha outsiders invaded the town with the intent to bust it up pretty good and hurt anyone who disagreed with their agenda.

In Red Dawn, it was Marxists who were invading the town.

In Kenosha, it was Marxists who were invading the town.

In Red Dawn, it was often the teenagers who fought back to defend the town.

In Kenosha it was often the teenagers who fought back to defend the town.

In Red Dawn the teenagers had no time to prepare.

In Kenosha the teenagers had no time to prepare.

Anyone who would have clutched their pearls and wagged their finger at the teenagers in Red Dawn for fighting back would have been universally reviled as the epitome of douchebaggery.

Post-Trial Update

The original article above proved to be accurate, and although that information was available to everyone who had internet access, and although the trial produced the same evidence (and more) in which it was obvious to most that Kyle was innocent, and although the jury unanimously agreed after 4.5 days of deliberation that Kyle was not guilty on all charges, the so-called left was still saying that Kyle is a white supremacist who should spend life in prison. They were so delusional that they were still talking about how Kyle crossed state lines.

One positive outcome is that some of those who had been saying that Kyle shot black men finally admitted they had been duped by the media.

The trial revealed that the men Kyle shot were indeed pretty bad guys just as the original claims suggested, but I did not include those claims originally because I could not easily verify them, but the trial did verify them, and yet, the so-called left is portraying those perps as heroes and angels.

The delusional hypocrisy continues. GoFundMe did not allow a page for Kyle, but it did allow a page for the angry racist black man who drove his SUV over women and children in a Christmas parade days after the trial. That is just one of many establishment double standards. As of this writing, the parade killer murdered 5 and injured 62. He had been released from prison the day before on $1000 bail in spite of his long history of violence including a terrorist bombing attempt; whereas, the bail for Kyle was $2,000,000 in spite of him having no prior record. There are countless other examples. The establishment hypocrisy and corruption is truly breathtaking isn’t it?

Kyle should be able to get a large settlement from several media outlets for their intentional lies about him, which are ongoing, just as teenager Nick Sandmann did when the media intentionally lied about him. Charles S. does an excellent job of explaining the techniques used by the straight news (not pundits) to mislead people in the days after the shootings. Even the prosecutor lied excessively about him, which I witnessed in the televised trial video. For example, the prosecutor said that Kyle was chasing Rosenbaum, when the ubiquitous original videos clearly showed that Rosenbaum was chasing Kyle.

Real leftists, not the fake left that dominates the establishment, but those who actually care about the truth and the little guy, agree with me. Some examples are Glenn Greenwald, Jimmy Dore, and Matt Orfalea.

Jimmy Dore actually made three videos detailing the lies and corruption targeting Kyle Rittenhouse in the following order: 1) TYT sides w/Rittenhouse! Agrees It Was Self-Defense!, 2) Media Pushes Meaningless “State Lines” Talking Point In Rittenhouse Coverage, 3) Media KNOWINGLY Misled About Rittenhouse Case.

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