Science as a process

  1. be curious
  2. be honest
  3. identify conflicts of interest
  4. eliminate conflicts of interest
  5. observe
  6. remember
  7. reflect
  8. identify patterns
  9. look for outliers
  10. imagine outliers
  11. look for all causes
  12. imagine all causes
  13. imagine all explanations
  14. accept burden of proof
  15. triage explanations
  16. prefer faslifiability
  17. identify best falsifiable explanation
  18. test best falsifiable explanation
  19. report results
  20. report data
  21. report methodology
  22. invite others to falsify
  23. invite all questions
  24. invite all challenges
  25. acknowledge errors
  26. look for unknown variables

I asked for this process on multiple forums and was able to gather maybe three of these, so I am taking the initiative. I even had to deduce the information in the diagram on my own. It seems like this should be known by every child who has an interest in science. The problem is systemic, and it is by design.

This is a new effort and is thus a work in progress (moreso than most). As always, let me know if you want to collaborate.

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