Thank God for our third-wave progressive brothers and sisters!

Historically, progressives were somewhat progressive. Most progressives, such as Margaret Sanger, were early adopters of eugenics, and if they could have figured out an ethical way to improve the human gene pool, that would indeed have been huge progress. However, their techniques were less than ethical (e.g. they forcibly sterilized tens of thousands in the United States), and they inspired genocide by the Nazis. Such a taint caused the term “progressive”, though increasingly common in books, to fall out of popular use. Let’s refer to those early progressives as first-wave progressives.

The first time I recall anyone referring to themselves as a progressive in-person or on TV, since 1970, was in 2008, when Hillary Clinton resurrected the term in popular discourse. There was not actually anything new that she or her allies were proposing. They were the same faction they had been since about 1965. Anything different was actually even older, so I guess we could call them paleo progressives, but let’s refer to them as second-wave progressives.

Once second-wave progressives started calling themselves progressives in 2008, their recently acquired total control of, and consolidation of, the media, allowed them to become even more authoritarian, more tribal, and more conformist (a.k.a. more fascist) than they had been in recent decades. Their conformism was truly breathtaking. Their lack of curiosity, independent thought, and outside-the-box thinking was astounding to behold. Their hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance was not even veiled. It was in-your-face, and yet, they were also 100% confident that they were the good guys and that they were right. They could go 24/7 and never hear a compelling challenge to their worldview.

There was a common denominator among first-wave and second-wave progressives, although I don’t think any of them ever figured out what it was. It was simply the idea that government has the power (or should have the power) to implement any good idea.

Second wave progressivism peaked in 2016. A large minority of third-wave progressives were slapped in the face with reality when the Democrats cheated Bernie Sanders out of their party’s nomination. About that same time, these awakened progressives could not go back to sleep because their brief willingness to think independently began getting them into enormous trouble with the authoritarianism, conformism, and absurdity of identity politics. Then Bernie Sanders and his allies kept selling out, and they also got slapped with the reality that Obama was a bigger warmonger than George Bush and Donald Trump. This all enabled them to see that Russiagate was total bullshit, which carried them to 2020, in which they saw their putative allies go full Nazi on all things Covid. I think it will be hard for them to ever be lulled back to sleep.

These third-wave progressives know that mandating mRNA vaccines is wrong because neither their trust in the establishment, nor their trust in these vaccines, nor the virulence of Covid …. come close to justifying a mandate.

To be clear, third-wave progressives are still progressives because they hold on to the dream that someday government will be worthy to wield the power to implement any good idea. Where they truly differ from second-wave progressives is that they are much more honest and sensible about what is a good idea.

For example, perhaps their most cherished dream is universal healthcare, but now they are leery of making everyone so dependent on government when confronted with that reality.

Third-wave progressives arrived just in time because the entire global establishment had come under total control by those global players (manipulators) above presidents and billionaires.

It was looking like game-over for humanity, but then a black-swan event occurred. I don’t think the advent of third-wave progressivism was planned. Though the odds are still stacked against humanity, and though the entire global establishment is stacked against humanity, and though this is probably humanity’s last stand …. there is reason for hope!

Thank God for our third-wave progressive brothers and sisters!

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