The Apex Players

There is no chain of command from those at the top down to the agent provocateur on the street because those at the top rule by manipulation. They have constructed a web of mutually reinforcing institutions, psyops, incentives, and disincentives. Their control of those at the top of each institution is absolute, and thus any event can be spun to their advantage—as long as a critical mass does not understand what is happening. The web is largely self perpetuating, and usually requires only occasional guidance from the top.

Everyone is being played.

I call these manipulators at the top The Apex Players to evoke the term Apex Predators and thereby emphasize how they do not deserve to be called predators because they hide in the shadows. They rule by manipulation. They forestall the eternal Golden Age that would manifest in their absence. They would crumble if a critical mass awoke and pierced their illusion. It is thus also appropriate to call them The Apex Parasites.

I will present four conditions, each of which can only be explained by the existence of the Apex Players, and anyone of which is thus sufficient to prove their existence:

  1. WTC 7 Coverup – The blackout on WTC 7 for all of those years throughout the entire global mainstream in spite of the ubiquitous and Earth shattering evidence (10 seconds of video), and also in spite of the additional impossibilities one would uncover if one began to investigate WTC 7, proves that someone had the power to perpetrate such a global cover up. The article about this proof also explains how such a cabal could exist and remain secret.
  2. Covid – The entire Western establishment got everything wrong about Covid, and their heavy handedness was unprecedented. They got everything wrong in spite of elite doctors and scientists knowing early (usually at the beginning) that the establishment narrative was entirely wrong. They got it all wrong in spite of the cost being that they, their friends, family, and neighbors, and co-workers would all suffer. Those who benefited most were the Apex Players.
  3. Global Warming – All evidence for Anthropogenic Global Warming has been fudged in rather transparent ways to blame humans for the warming trend that began when the Sun exited a long solar minimum, which caused temperatures to peak in the 1930’s. As of 2017, the trend in the raw data for the US for the last 100 years was actually a slight cooling trend. Many ways of fudging the data have been used, but the two main techniques are: 1) editing the raw data, and 2) cherry picking. Oceans levels have not been impacted. Nor have fires, floods, or hurricanes. However, the entire global establishment continues to promote AGW.
  4. Triumph of Weakness – Weak factions, weak ideas, weak people, and junk science were able to take over the entire Western establishment. That would be impossible without help from above. To attain global control, the Apex Players must weaken that which is naturally strong, and must strengthen that which is naturally weak.

For those unfamiliar with my work, maybe first read my history of prediction and analysis.

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