Visceral Epiphanies from 2020

I had a visceral epiphany watching the following videos back to back. I will explain the epiphany afterwards so that I do not prejudice your experience.

First, watch the 7-minute clip of nurse Erin Olszewski testifying about the tragedies, atrocities, and corruption she witnessed first hand. This was mostly in March of 2020. She was not the only one, but such whistleblowers were appallingly few.

That story is hard to watch and hard to absorb. It hurts one’s soul.

Those new to the story will experience the same visceral epiphany that many of us experienced when we learned about it in the summer of 2020.

I will next convey that story in text to prepare the reader for the subsequent videos that delivered my new epiphany, which, though visceral itself, I promise you is far less painful.

The President had been in office a little over three years in early 2020, and this president was also very good at mobilizing resources to solve problems, so when presented with reliable sounding advice (more ventilators) to solve a very big problem (Covid), he leapt into action and delivered what the experts demanded with almost miraculous effectiveness compared to other politicians.

However, the experts, the government, and the media were tragically and profoundly wrong. The ventilators, which were thought to be the solution, were killing nearly 100% of the patients placed on them. No patients needed to be placed on those ventilators, but they were denied cheap, safe, and effective therapeutics. They also were denied visitors, and they were medicated, which made escape impossible.

Potential victims, such as you and your loved ones, were denied cheap, safe, and effective prophylactics, which maximized the opportunity to victimize you and yours at some later point.

Some of the patients has feces dried on their backs from the previous 2 or 3 weeks. Some had bed sores through which she could see their bones. Some were treated as Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) without consent.

The families of these victims believed their loved ones were receiving top tier healthcare, but that care only drained their life force until each of these helpless victims died alone. Their families believed there was no other way.

Families agonized for weeks (and sometimes months) while never losing faith in the medical establishment …. as their loved ones were being murdered.

The families were never notified that the experts, the media, and government had been 100% wrong. Nor were the families notified that government was financially rewarding hospitals each time they admitted a patient and each time they placed these human beings on a ventilator …. for Covid …. and rewarded them again when these victims died. Nor did families know that government was paying these doctors $75,000 per week and paying these nurses $10,000 per week.

By May 2020, videos containing testimony in which this same nurse and others told their stories had already been published on YouTube and other platforms.

Clearly, tens of thousands of doctors, nurses, and administrators are guilty of tens of thousands of murders, and ten times as many experts, journalists, and politicians are complicit in those murders.

How would you feel if this happened to your mother, or you wife, or your child?

This is a good time to pause and absorb how the system really works and how you feel about that before proceeding. There is no shame in crying at this point. In fact, there is shame in not crying at this point.

To understand my newer visceral epiphany, watch the next two clips, and notice how the President characterizes his involvement with the ventilators used to commit these atrocities.

July 28, 2020

December 31, 2020

Did you catch that?!

On July 28, 2020, without any prompt, the President chose to seek praise for his role in placing so many on those exact same ventilators that were used to murder them.

On December 31, 2020, again without any prompt, the President chose to seek praise. This time, he said he saved millions of American lives with his early production of ventilators and masks!

Was this extreme evil, or was it extreme incompetence? Did Trump seek praise for his actions that he knew had killed so many …. so tragically …. or did he have no idea his policies had contributed to such atrocity …. when his number one job was to know?

If he didn’t know that was his number one job, then that is just a different flavor of extreme incompetence. If he surrounded himself with advisors who were all lying or incompetent, then that is yet another kind of extreme incompetence. If he didn’t know he was serving in extraordinary times that called for extraordinary outside-the-box leadership, then he was not up to the job of being President during Covid–not even close.

Incompetence is the lesser crime.

I identified in November 2016 that Trump was playing a role as a kind of Pied Piper, and that his role was to take all anti-establishment types down with him, which is exactly what happened. This implies that Trump knew exactly what was happening with the ventilators and was complicit. So was Trump extremely evil?

Those are the obvious choices, but I think there is more nuance than that.

It is most likely that Trump didn’t have full knowledge …. because he didn’t care …. because he was playing a role, and he was just scrounging for a few points with other minions who work for the same masters …. who he believes will write the history books. He cannot imagine any other future.

Those he took down with him will be discarded without a legacy, and he will ultimately be redeemed–if humanity allows his masters to prevail.

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