Why I never believed in Qanon

I thought from the beginning that Qanon (a.k.a. Q) was a psyop to accomplish several goals—the main goal being to give Trump street cred—to support the Myth of Trump. How else could a NYC Democrat get enough street cred to be a pied piper for conservatives, libertarians, conspiracy investigators, and assorted anti-establishment types—to take them all down with him?

The entire establishment turned all of its useful idiots (e.g. “journalists”) loose on Trump, but such an unprecedented psyop still couldn’t give Trump enough street cred. Trump’s epic failure at almost every turn continuously threatened to dissolve his following. Q kept the Myth of Trump alive. Q was necessary.

The Myth of Q was obvious from the beginning because Q-anons kept repeating flawed concepts such as as “Winning!” They kept insisting that mass arrests including many (and perhaps mostly) high level individuals were imminent. They also kept insisting that Q was so vague and cryptic so that the NWO couldn’t decipher what his followers were able to decipher.

More tragic than all of these was how they shouted, “Trust the plan!”, which prescribed that salvation would come from the top down; whereas, in all previous movements, such as the Tea Parties, salvation was to come from the bottom up–from the people.

After years of shouting “Winning!”, it was 2021 before they could see that, politically, and within the establishment, they had been completely and utterly powerless all along. They had been played.

Those arrests never happened—not even close.

As ludicrous as it was to think that the Apex Players could not decipher what Q-anons could decipher, it was far more ludicrous to think they could not simply read the deciphered interpretations distributed so widely and publicly among Q-anons.

Q-anons shouted “Trust the plan!” for years …

We can thus see that the Q psyop provided another benefit—the demoralization of the resistance.

A third benefit, which was perhaps as important as keeping the Myth of Trump alive, was how the Q psyop caused tens of millions to continue to stand down. The last-minute selection of Trump (their plan B) was a brilliant play (as I said in 2016). If Hillary had been selected (their plan A), it would have pierced the illusion of legitimacy, without which, they are finished. Tens of millions were on the cusp of epiphany: 1) The system doesn’t work. 2) It doesn’t work like we think it does, and 3) the American government doesn’t work for the American people. Then, when Trump was selected, all that progress evaporated. Everyone thought that the system worked after all, and that they just needed to work harder for the best candidate every time. Even some who already had the epiphany years earlier were sucked back into the illusion.


Q kept the latent resistance mired in the false left-right paradigm—kept them from experiencing the epiphany. Q created the illusion that there was a plan—that behind closed doors, the good guys were winning, and that victory was inevitable—that “nothing can stop what’s coming”. In other words, “Relax, we’ve got this. Trust the plan. The solution has to come from the military. The white hats are on it. The job is getting done. There is not much you can do.”

To be fair, agents provocateur were incessantly trying to incite some Q-anons (and all anti-establishment types) to pop off in some violent way. I estimate that millions of attempts were made, and yet, as far as I know, no one ever took the bait.

It is true that much networking occurred, and that the tech cabal then dissolved almost every grass roots network that was sympathetic with Q or Trump—very demoralizing, but some remain, and they won’t get fooled again.

It is worth noting that a handful of heroes were only briefly fooled, but continued to use the movement to get as many as possible both more engaged and engaged far beyond whatever Q said, and some of them were very effective. Of course, that means they were getting the Q psyop off-mission, so they were among the first to be shut down.

To be clear, Q-anons (just like the Tea Parties before them) were on the right side, and that is why they had to be neutralized.

Painful though it may be, to prevent such manipulation in the future, it is necessary to call out what happened—lest it happen again.

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