The George Floyd Psyop and the Great Reset

The Murder of George Floyd

If we take this video at face value, we see officer Derek Chauvin murder George Floyd, and we can clearly hear the witnesses yelling at the cops and calling them on their atrocity every step of the way. We see that the cop’s knee remained on Floyd’s neck for 3 minutes after he appeared to be dead. We see the other cop ignoring the murder in progress and ignoring all reason while trying to stand between the camera and the murder.

2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar had previously cleared Chauvin of abuses on several of the one dozen complaints against him, which is why he was free to commit this murder, which is relevant because many partisan true believers still think the Democrats are the good guys—champions of the little guy—and many partisan true believers think the reason we need a female President is to prevent such corruption. It is thus important to falsify such myths because myths hold back progress and reform.

There is some speculation that the event was staged because George Floyd and the cop knew each other from overlapping shifts as security guards, and there are other claims of evidence that the event was staged. However, George Floyd seemed drunk or high while lying on the ground, so that makes it seem a little less likely to be a staged event because the agents who stage such events usually don’t plan with such attention to detail; whereas, if Chauvin and Floyd knew each other, then there are many possible motives why one might want to kill the other. For example, Floyd could have been sleeping with Chauvin’s wife. Then again, if it was staged to foment conflict, George Floyd may not have been in on it, and may really have been murdered. He could have been given drugs to make him more manageable.

How Cops Responded

First, note that in countless examples, cops commit atrocities even when they know they are on video, which means they feel they are above the law, but if cops are above the law, then cops are outside the law, and if cops are outside the law, then cops are outlaws.

One would think that cops would want to improve their image after such an embarrassment, but we see that is the opposite of what they are doing. In this video, LAPD cops attempt to run over protesters. In this video, it is NYPD cops who try to run over protesters. (Both videos include commentary from Jimmy Dore.)

One could argue that these cops were irrationally scared for their lives and made a bad judgement call, but audio captured on a police scanner in the NYPD case proves it was premeditated.

In this video, San Jose cops brutally attacked a man who was filming them with his phone as he was walking by.

In this video, we see that in the same location in Buffalo NY where cops took a knee in putative solidarity with protesters the day before, they shoved down a 75-year-old man, and ignored him as blood immediately streamed from his ear and pooled on the ground. In this video, cops kneel and pray with protesters, but those protesters reported that 45 minutes later these cops pepper sprayed them for still being in the vicinity. In this video, The Grayzone exposes how the cops doing the community outreach are actually some pretty corrupt individuals.

Cop Culture

One former cop told me years ago that any cop who has been in any of the nicest precincts for at least three years will have either perpetrated, or have been an accomplice to, an atrocity. Less nice precincts corrupt them even sooner. Another former cop told me, “I can’t count the number times I had to walk away from the scene because they were about to frame someone, and I wasn’t going to lie in court for religious reasons, but if I had testified that I saw them frame the guy, they would have killed me, so I had to be able to say that I didn’t see anything.”

As the videos prove, cops are all accomplices to such atrocities, but such a culture could not survive without support from the courts and the media. I know the media pretend to be against the cops, but they ignore most cases, and they never put together the kind of exposé that so many more thorough investigators accomplish with far fewer resources. In fact, the media will call real investigators “conspiracy theorists”.

Do you recall the Daniel Shaver atrocity?

In this video, we see that cops escalate violence. In this video, we see that if a cop was not present, no one would have died.

Cop culture is also largely influenced by how they are trained and equipped.

In this video, a Spokane sheriff’s deputy said they needed armored military vehicles to protect them from “enemies” such as “Constitutionalists”. The official explanation was that it was not the training or the policy of the Sheriff’s department and was merely a stupid remark by one of its deputies, but we see in this local article, that it was exactly the policy of that Sheriff’s department.


The way cops are trained and equipped is no accident, which I said in the following excerpt from what I wrote the day before George Floyd was murdered, and which I have been saying for about 10 years.

Given that all conflict can be used as a pretext to justify more control, they don’t need to command cops to make it happen. They can just ensure that think tanks produce the guidance that cops should be trained and quipped like warriors as if all of the people are suspected enemies—because terrorism and assault rifles. Sooner or later, cops would thus overreact, and then people would attack cops, and then cops would feel like their indoctrination was correct.

—End Of Innocence (May 24, 2020)

Agents provocateur appear to be omnipresent in these protests. In this video, Jimmy Dore exposes white “protesters” intentionally shoving black protesters into cops and then sneaking away. In this video, Ben Swann exposes piles of bricks placed adjacent to the protest sites. In this video, we see the now well known white man with the hammer and umbrella breaking store windows, and we see the apparently related “pink shirt guy”. There are plenty of other videos for anyone interested in investigating further.

Here is an excerpt from my article on the American police state that I published on March 20, 2013:

We now have overwhelming evidence that the government is trying to provoke armed conflict with the American people, and we have overwhelming evidence that such plans have greatly accelerated under Obama, and of course, the only reason to provoke armed conflict is to justify a police state—beyond what we already have.

—End Of Innocence (March 20, 2013)

What are those at the top doing? James Corbett has exposed that the globalist insider elite are now openly talking about how this the great reset.

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