Covid hit us hard and fast, and my regimen kicked its ass.

My family did not get any of the EUA injections for Covid-19, and then my wife finally got Covid on Monday, June 27, 2022. Today is Sunday, July 3, 2022.

It was 97 degrees that first day, but she did manage (barely) to power through a full day of work because she thought at first that it was a migraine that would pass, and then when the vomiting started, she thought it was something she ate, and that it would pass. She began to suspect Covid by afternoon because she had lost her sense of taste. So I picked up some tests from Walgreens.

When she got home, she went straight to bed and couldn’t get up after that. I had not seen her that sick since before 2005, which is when she had developed pneumonia over the course of three weeks; whereas, this hit her hard and fast.

The Covid test I performed not only came back positive, but the second line began to appear within seconds, and within two minutes, it was stronger and more solid than the test line.

She is in her late 50’s and somewhat overweight, but she works outdoors, so the sunlight and exercise meant that Covid would not hurt her nearly as much as someone having co-morbidities, and yet, it still knocked her on her ass like nothing I have seen before.

Unfortunately, she could not hold down any pills. She tried, but she immediately threw them up every time for the first few hours. The only other therapeutic we had was to fill the nebulizer with distilled water and six drops of povidone iodine, but she had no respiratory symptoms, so she didn’t bother using it.

The lack of respiratory symptoms, the strong and rapid result from a test designed to detect the original strain, and the rapid and virulent onset by the end of the first day, indicated that she was probably not infected with the Omicron strain, and that it was probably more closely related to the original strain.

I know someone who was just about the first person in America to get Covid, and she was pretty sick for 6 months, but we didn’t know what to do back then. We trusted the experts, who misled everyone into believing there was nothing anyone could do except wait until patients were turning blue and then put them on ventilators.

By about 10 pm, my wife was able to start holding down pills, so I started her on a regimen of 21 pills twice daily with meals. She took one pill at a time throughout the night. I made sure she took the Ivermectin, zinc, and quercetin first.

To be clear, I am a programmer–not a doctor.

The next morning (Tuesday), she could get out of bed, and she took the full regimen over about 30 minutes with a little food.

By Tuesday afternoon she had gotten out of bed again, and was picking up the dog poop in the yard. Then she went back to bed until dinner time, after which, she took the same regimen and stayed up until bed time.

We continued the regimen through Wednesday evening, at which point, she said she was 90% better and decided to go back to work on Friday.

On Thursday, I reduced the regimen to 12 pills, because she hated taking so many pills, and because the ones I cut out were especially useful for respiratory viruses, and she had not developed respiratory symptoms.

On Friday morning, she skipped the regimen because she was so much better that I reduced her regimen to once per day. She went to work, and she had no symptoms other than the heat was getting to her a little more than usual, but on Friday evening, she developed respiratory symptoms, so I added the pills I had removed from the regimen. She also used the nebulizer twice for about one minute each time, and on Saturday morning, her respiratory symptoms were 90% better.

As of Sunday, she is still on the full regimen to prevent any kind of relapse because Covid seems to have more ability to linger and resurge than most viruses.

As a prophylaxis, I myself began taking the reduced (non-respiratory) version of my wife’s regimen as soon as she got home on her first day of symptoms (Monday). On Wednesday night, I lost my sense of taste. I was eating sausages and garlic cloves that I fried together in a skillet, which is a common meal for me. Each bite was a shocking sensation. It was like I was chewing paper, but that has been my only symptom. Since then it does seem like I have lost about 20% of my taste in general. Many things don’t taste quite as good as I remember.

I had already been regularly taking three supplements (as prophylaxis) that my wife had not been taking: NAC, quercetin, and zinc.

Both of us had been taking one Ivermectin per week (on Sundays) as a prophylactic, but my wife had skipped her previous two doses.

Clearly, I have discovered effective regimens (both prophylactic and therapeutic) for fighting Covid, and almost all of it was known from the beginning of Covid because most of it was learned in the fight against AIDS. Consider that Fauci led the fight against AIDS, so he knew from the beginning of Covid, and yet, he withheld that knowledge.

Apparently there are still highly virulent strains of sars-cov-2 out there, and you will not learn how to protect yourself by listening to establishment experts, so …. Come with me if you want to live.

The full regimen I used in this case consisted of the following, taken twice daily with meals:

  1. Ivermectin (12 mg)
  2. Quercetin (500 mg) (MRM, QU995)
  3. Zinc (30 mg) (Solaray Bio Zinc)
  4. Vitamin D3 (5000 IU)
  5. Vitamin C (1000 mg) (Solaray Vitamin C with bioflavonoid concentrate)
  6. NAC (N-AcetylCysteine) (600mg)
  7. Liposomal Glutathione (500 mg)
  8. Liposomal NAD+ (500 mg)
  9. Lactoferrin (500 mg)
  10. Black Seed (Nigella Sativa, 3% Thymoquinone) (500mg)
  11. Licorice root (450 mg)
  12. Melatonin (6 mg)
  13. Astragalus root (470 mg)
  14. Turmeric root extract (500 mg, 95% curcuminoids)
  15. Calcium (275 mg) (Vitamin Code Raw Calcium)
  16. Potassium Citrate (99mg of potassium)
  17. Magnesium Glycinate (90 mg of magnesium) (Solaray, high absorption)
  18. Multivitamin (Vitamin Code, for women over 50)
  19. Krill oil (625 mg) (TwinBest, .8 mg astaxanthn)
  20. Vitamin K2 MK-7 (90 mcg) (Jarrow)
  21. Ubiquinol (100 mg) (Jarrow)
  22. Pistachios (for copper)
  23. povidone iodine for one minute via Nebulizer (filled with distilled water and 6 drops of povidone iodine)

There are different forms of these supplements, and depending on the brand, these products may contain additional ingredients. The magnesium product already contains bioperine, but consider adding more bioperine to increase the absorption of this regimen.

I do have other prophylactics and therapeutics that might help, but once I saw how well this combo worked, I decided to stick with it through this trial in order to define a minimal therapy.

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