The Global Consciousness Project

Even before I knew that establishment sources lie to us about climate, covid, terrorism, race, gender, history, psychology, economics, events, foreign countries …. and especially about each other …. I was already on the lookout for evidence of the extraordinary, and like most, my personal bias is that I want there to be evidence of the extraordinary, but as much as I always recommend that one be super open-minded, I also recommend that one be super skeptical and not believe without due diligence.

A few months ago I learned of the The Global Consciousness Project, which claims to have detected changes in the random number generation ability of computers correlating to the seemingly unconnected emotional impact of major world events on humanity. According to their theory, the magnitude of the disruption to computers correlates to: 1) the magnitude of the emotional impact, 2) the suddenness of the emotional impact, and 3) the percentage of humanity experiencing the emotional impact. To get a statistically significant result, all three theoretical causes should be extreme, which would look like a large and simultaneous emotional impact on most of the people on earth.

Doing our due diligence, we cannot easily verify their claims ourselves, and it seems like we cannot easily verify that these were double blind studies free from bias, error, or fraud, but if we could detect some critical flaw in their motives, competence, independence of thought, or critical thinking skills …. then we would be done with our due diligence.

Their process is to estimate the emotional/psychological impact of global events on people, which requires them to understand global events and their impact on people. The GCP claims that the 2020 election is such an event and their understanding of it is:

Trump has not conceded but continues to proclaim fraud and cheating (without evidence), but the declaration for Biden/Harris aroused mass celebrations around the country, and in other parts of the world.

To some, the critical flaws in their motives, competence, independence of thought, and critical thinking skills will be immediately obvious, but let’s analyze their statement anyway.

The first thing that leaps out at me is that this sounds exactly like the establishment narrative, and thus calls into question their independence of thought.

The second thing that leaps out at me is their claim “without evidence”. Given that it was self-evident by the next day that unprecedented fraud had occurred and had swung the election, and given that the FBI and the courts refused to investigate, to say “without evidence” is not only extreme error, but demonstrates extreme bias in their processes.

Then there is the fact that this election dragged out over the course of months without a sudden extreme global emotional impact, which should have disqualified it as a relevant event, and which thus demonstrates cherry picking by the GCP.

Then there is their claim of mass global celebration, but: 1) Harris was the least popular person among the many candidates in the Democratic Party primary race, 2) Biden was seen as a boring creepy old rapist with dementia who had no new ideas and who supported all the wars, 3) no one came to their rallies; whereas, their opponent had huge rallies, 4) America and the rest of the world saw Biden/Harris as meaning more of the same, which meant more unjust wars and no solutions. Perhaps this meme will help to make it clear …. or this one …. or this one.

Alas …. my hope for evidence of the extraordinary falls to due diligence again.

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