Starting in 2017, the pedo narrative flipped 180 degrees.

The Catholic church, the Franklin Scandal, the Penn State scandal, the Boy Scout scandal, and every pedo ring scandal I can think of before 2017 was about boys under 14 being trafficked and abused by powerful men, and these scandals tended to produce leads going up to the top nationally and globally, but the media and the FBI would mostly cover them up—especially how high they went—and the media would not refer to the perpetrators as gay. All of this means that the reality is:

  • Pedophiles are primarily interested in victims under 14 years old.
  • The perpetrators are primarily homosexual.
  • Ordinary men are decent.
  • The perpetrators are above the law.
  • The media are lapdogs.

By contrast, the case of Harvey Weinstein in 2017, NXIVM in 2018, and Jefferey Epstein in 2019 have been frequently discussed in the mainstream, who commonly refer to Epstein and his cronies as pedophiles, which creates the illusion that:

  • Pedophiles are interested in victims at least 14 years old.
  • The perpetrators are primarily heterosexual.
  • Women should see all men as pigs (an ongoing psyop).
  • The perpetrators got punished or died.
  • The media are watchdogs.

So, starting in 2017, the narrative flipped 180 degrees, but the people have been so desperate for a win that they embraced it without question.

Of course, this change happened under Trump, whose supporters are the most virulent opponents of pedophile rings, but Trump supporters are so desperate to see him drain the swamp that they dare not look too deeply; whereas, if this happened under Obama, there would have been too much scrutiny and skepticism.

This is an example of the maxim: Only Nixon could go to China.

A counter-example under Obama was his escalation of war and bailouts of corporations. That would have drawn too much scrutiny and skepticism under a Republican President.

Did something happen in 2016 to precipitate the flip? Yes. Pizzagate happened in 2016.

Pizzagate was rapidly expanding far beyond John Pedosta’s emails to include all pedophile conspiracy everywhere—past and present. The investigation was organically crowdsourced by volunteers. Then, Ben Swann became the first mainstream journalist to do an honest piece on it.

Pizzagate was out of control and had to be shut down HARD. All of the gatekeepers like Alex Jones (and Ben Swann) went silent and even apologized. Reddit removed that subreddit. Alexa said it was debunked (based on nothing).

Although I have previously written that the apex players went with Trump (their plan B) about 10 days before the election in order to preserve the illusion of legitimacy, we now see there was another extraordinarily powerful incentive for them to go with Trump.

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