The American people have been defeated.

Those playing everyone, let’s call them the Apex Players, have worked diligently for decades to take down the American people, whom they see as the last thing standing in their way, and as of July 2020, one could argue that the American people were finally defeated, which means that the entire world will now continue its descent together.

Just as America has been used to take out each country in the Middle East one-by-one and saved Iran for last, the Apex Players have neutralized the peoples of each country one-by-one and saved America for last.

America has had the largest and wealthiest well-armed citizenry, and Americans have been unusually resistant to the idea of global government and to powerful government in general, and the American people—not the American government—thus posed the biggest threat to their agenda. I observed first hand how nearly every American once believed it was his duty to sacrifice his life if necessary to stop such an abomination. Of course, that is no longer true.

For all practical purposes, America is the last Western country to have an armed citizenry and one that is not dependent on the Apex Players for their healthcare. Likewise, that is no longer true.

Before Covid, the Apex Players had to manage the possibility that a critical mass might pierce the illusion of legitimacy and unite against them, but that threat is very small now given how even the American people are so weakened that they are demanding to become as dependent as possible on the Apex Players.

The American people think the solution to government lockdowns is government checks. They think the solution to government is more government.

The American people are demanding free health care and free money, and they will rabidly enforce the agenda of the Apex Players to get it. They will forget about the Bill of Rights and become mask Nazis if that’s what it takes to conform because Americans have allowed their economy to be destroyed; and they have allowed themselves to be manipulated into disliking, distrusting, and distancing each other. They have allowed themselves to be manipulated into the worst version of themselves.

The American people are so weak that they are willing to let their election be subverted in a flagrant manor, and although there are many Americans who don’t accept the fraudulent election of 2020, 89% of those who were most opposed to martial law and who were certain it would be their opponents declaring martial law against them someday are now themselves willing to accept martial law if that were the only solution offered to them, and that is how you sell martial law. They have thus been defeated psychologically and financially.

If Obama had tried martial law (beyond the secretive martial law in Watertown), the half of America that posed a threat to global government would have screamed that he was a communist subverting America, but under Trump, 89% of those same people are now demanding martial law themselves. This is the manipulation immortalized as the maxim, “Only Nixon could go to China.”

Armed with such knowledge, one can predict a possible future move to get anti-establishment types on board with global government. First, consider that the Apex Players have already made them so frustrated with the complete and utter failure of anyone in America to remedy the fraudulent election of 2020 that they would now be more receptive to a supranational body that could intervene given allegations of election fraud—just like how they were manipulated into being more receptive to martial law. Now imagine if Trump himself championed the creation of this supranational body. In that case, the most reluctant half of the country would argue that it may not best the best approach, but that it’s better than nothing, and that Trump wouldn’t be doing it if there were any other way; whereas, if Obama did the exact same thing, half the country would scream that he was a communist who was selling out America. This would be another example of, “Only Nixon could go to China.”

Another trump card held by these by these Apex Players is how the American people have allowed the aggressive importation of tens of millions who are more likely to be used fighting against America’s founding principles than for them.

The American people are so weak, that the Apex Players seem to be willing to risk provoking armed conflict now, and not just because they are certain they will not be a target, and not just because they can use all conflict as a pretext to justify more control, but also because they seem to believe that war settles issues permanently.

The Apex Players had already taken down the people of every other country, and have been keeping them in a holding pattern while taking down the American people. Otherwise, the peoples of the word would compare themselves to the American people and unite against their overlords—like what happened in the USSR, but now the people of the world can descend together until the ability to unite and rebel has been bred out of the human gene pool.

It is not over yet because the American people never really fought back, and their weakness is still half psychological, so they could still fight back, but as they get physically weaker, and as the wherewithal is literally bred out of their gene pool, there will come a time when that would be like saying the Native Americans could still fight back.

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