The natural resistance will celebrate victory


Everyone is being played.

It is not hard to prove that the Apex Players exist above presidents and billionaires.

They have total control of the media, the government …. the entire global establishment.

We can see they have used their power to cause conflict, racism, riots, pandemic, collapse, scarcity, hate, war, poverty, stagnation, tribalism, conformity, hierarchy, fear, uncertainty, psyops, propaganda, inflation, waste, pollution, theft, cronyism, corruption, censorship, genocide, ethnic cleansing, Apartheid states, terrorism, human trafficking, ignorance, apathy, depression, arrested development ….

They successfully promote junk science and rewrite history.

Their effect is toxic, hence—The Toxic Age—in which we find ourselves.

Now, put yourself in their shoes.

All of their actions lead to consolidation of power. It is all about control.

They want to know every dollar you spend, when you spent it, what you spent it on, and who you spent it with.

They want to know every person you trust, how much you influence them, how much they influence you, how to break that trust, and how to prevent future trust.

They want to know everything about your genes, your physiology, your appearance, your personality, and your preferences.

They want to know everything about your location, your schedule, your commitments, and your plans.

They want to to know everything about your property, your possessions, and your assets.

They want to know everything about you skills, your weapons, your tools, and your knowledge.

They want to know everything about your beliefs, to what extent you would defend them, and what would make you violate them.

They want you to be completely dependent on a system they control.

They want to decide who wins and who loses; who lives and who dies; who goes to the stars and who stays behind …. and they don’t want anyone to have any ability to stop them.

The Present

Consider how they inundate you with a few actions of the entire establishment that are so obviously corrupt and delusional, and which are designed to outrage those individuals who would naturally be most likely to fight their attempts at total global control. Examples are: drag queen story hour, trans kids, protection of pedophiles, celebration of LGBT, extreme abortion policy, replacing white characters with black characters, clownish politicians, men in women’s sports, men in women’s restrooms, pregnant men, and blaming everything on white supremacy.

None of these actions are profitable to those perpetrating them, and yet all are perpetrated by most putative capitalists, so it is not about money.

Likewise, these are not popular, and thus are a net loss of votes for politicians who promote them. (Massive fraud and media control are necessary to make the election of such politicians plausible.)

Nor do these directly benefit the Apex Players, so they are merely a means to an end—a psyop.

They constitute a fake agenda.

The Future

The Apex Players intend for their fake agenda to be defeated, which will cost them nothing, but consider what that means.

The natural resistance will have been distracted from the real agenda, and will have expended its resources fighting the fake agenda.

The fake agenda does real harm, but it is unsustainable, and it does less harm than the real agenda.

The fake agenda is thus a red cape, and we are the bull.

After the fake agenda is defeated through what appears to be peaceful and legal means—much like how the Myth of Trump appeared to defeat the fake agenda—the natural resistance will be celebrating their victory, but only a handful will see that they have been set up, and that they actually lost—permanently.

The natural resistance will be celebrating, and yet, meanwhile, America and its allies will have become weaker. All their money will have become digital, and every device will be spying on them. Access to their money, their cars, their jobs, their doctors, their schools, and most public places will require permission. Access to electricity and water will require permission. Any non-compliance will revoke that permission. Any wrongthink will revoke that permission. Access to their own firearms will likewise be taken.

Most of the natural resistance will not understand that they had only defeated the fake agenda, and that their victory was by design, until years later—just like how many Trump supporters did not figure out he was a Pied Piper until years later. As of 3/31/23, many still have not figured it out.

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